1st Workshop on Data Interoperability - Registration

The current European Railway Regulatory framework requires that authorities (national and European) and the sector create, manage and maintain a handful of legacy registers (railway infrastructure, location code, organisation code, rolling stock) as well as B2B data exchange between railway actors to facilitate rail operation, interoperability and safety. These information assets (reference data) are crucial enablers to facilitate data interoperability in the sector.

In the last few years, different initiatives and projects to enhance data exchange, improve data quality and avoid overlap have taken place (ERA RCC linked data project, Rail Facility Portal, RNE Big Data, ELETA, Digital Train projects as some examples...).

Based on this experience, ERA and RNE have taken the initiative to organise two workshops to explore – together with the sector – the lessons learnt, the challenges and the opportunities for enhancing the efficiency in the management of reference data -registers- and rail data spaces.

In particular these two workshops should lead to:

  • harmonisation of the rail reference data (companies, infrastructure, rolling stock, operations), their governance, usefulness, uniqueness and maintenance.
  • identification of the necessary steps and actions by ERA, RNE, and stakeholders to promote the information flow between data consumers and data providers, to enhance data interoperability and to facilitate the development of new data services interoperable by design.

The first workshop will focus on current legislation, exchange practices and use of reference data and will take place on 26 October 2021, 13:30-17:00. 

Please register below until 8 October 2021. Subsequently, the credentials for the online event will be sent to you in due time.

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