Updated Pre-defined messages

Main Tasks of Updated Predefined messages (UPDMs) sub-WG

  • Keep the list of UPDMs updated and available
  • Adapt UPDMs according to the Pilot testing results
  • Finalise the translation of UPDMs
  • Define the status and procedures for using the UPDMs in the operation
  • Propose the distribution process of the UPDMs
  • Support project teams during pilot testing
  • Publish the UPDMs on RNE's and UIC's webpages
  • Maintain updated the list of UPDMs based on the pilot results and recommendations of the railway sector.
  • Define the process for UPDMs to become a European solution
  • Start discussions with the EC and ERA about the possibility of publishing UPDMs in TSI OPE/Annex/Guide.
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