TTR will introduce a new way of planning and allocating railway capacity. To fully implement this innovative process, compliance with the relevant legal framework needs to be ensured. The current legal framework (European and national laws) reflects existing capacity management processes, which do no longer (fully) meet market needs. It was, therefore, necessary to assess whether the new process would comply with the existing legal framework.

A team of legal experts from RNE members, FTE, CER, EIM and CIT has compiled an overview of options on how to legally support TTR and its pilot runs. This expert group continues to accompany TTR as it grows in maturity and provides legal analysis for new and improved process items. For instance, the expert group provided Guidance on Design of Capacity Models in June 2019, which is also attached below.

The chairwoman of the task force in charge of the documents: Elisabeth Hochhold 

It is a legal obligation of the IMs/ABs to inform their existing and potential applicants about their possibilities and obligations regarding the timetabling process in their Network Statements (NSs) in a transparent and non-discriminatory way. The first NSs in which information about TTR shall be included for implementation for timetable 2025 are the NSs 2022 when the collection of the capacity needs announcements shall be launched.

In order to facilitate the provision of information to applicants by those IMs/ABs who will be able to reach this level of implementation of TTR by 2022, a common structure and texts have been created by the RNE NS and CID WG, which is provided for in the below document.

The RNE internal co-chair of the NS and CID WG in charge of the document: Zita Koops-Árvai

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