TTR Documents


Several documents supporting and describing various components of TTR have been published in order to give stakeholders a good idea of how the capacity planning and allocation will be executed under the redesigned timetabling process. Please, take into consideration that these are still working documents and might be subject to changes based on the experience gathered by the pilots and outputs of the TTR working groups.

What documents you can find:

Pilot Concepts: the baselines for pilot phases 1 and 2
Legal Evaluation: the overview of options on how to legally support TTR and its pilot runs
Business Case: document quantifies or qualifies potential benefits with respect to micro-economic and macro-economics effects
TTR IT Landscape: an overview of the IT landscape analysis of the stakeholders’ national systems, ‘To-Be status’ and the steps to reach this status
TTR Master Presentation: a general higher-level overview of TTR components and TTR projects
TTR Implementation Plan: an overview of TTR work packages and implementation timeline in order to implement TTR for TT2025
TTR Process Description: the long detailed description of the future TTR process, including allocation rules, use cases and process diagrams

To provide a more convenient overview for the whole TTR Documentation, an index has been provided which can be accessed here. All documents which are available are hyperlinked in the index for easy access.


TTR Pilots Communication Platform

TTR Pilots Communication Platform is another publicly accessible space used by the TTR Pilots for sharing the pilots' related documents and files with all stakeholders. To access the platform, click here.

TTR video (What is TTR about)