What is TCR

In order to provide high-quality path offers, it is essential that Temporary Capacity Restrictions (TCRs) be well planned and coordinated. Particularly in an international context, TCRs play a major role as - due to the deployment of various planning systems and a lack of communication - the cross-border traffic is affected even more strongly.

Key factors to decrease the (international) effects of TCRs by simultaneously increasing the quality and stability of international train timetabling are careful planning of TCRs.

With regard to these key factors RailNetEurope (RNE), decided to set up a web-based platform which should focus on resolving the negative effects triggered by TCRs. Being the first international application treating TCRs and their consequences this platform should foster the information exchange and the coordination of internationally relevant TCRs as well as the timely publication of TCRs on the European-wide network.

The most important functions that will be used by the TCR manager (or user responsible to manage the TCRs) are the following:

  • Create a TCR
  • Coordinate TCRs with neighbors
  • Search and preview TCRs


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