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EXCEL DATA STRUCTURE TO IMPORT TCRs: Filetcr_import_structure_sample.xlsx

The excel file used for importing TCRs needs to follow a predefined structure. The excel file to be imported must fulfill the following rules:

  • The TCRs are on the 2nd sheet
  • The TCR definitions start from the 4th row

The columns in the Excel sheet must be used as defined below. Note that only columns relevant for the import are listed. The table has the following structure:

  • Column – Column identifier in the Excel file
  • Interpretation – Meaning of the column (form the Header row)
  • Allowed type– The type of the column
  • Constraints / Values – Rules that will be validated during the import and predefined values in the excel. Mandatory fields are marked with Not null.
  • Mapping – The name of the field of the TCR form into which the value of the column will be mapped


ColumnInterpretationAllowed typeConstraints / ValuesMapping
BIMTextNot null; Value must match the name of an
Organization Units defined in the TCR-Tool
IM (Organisation Unit)
CIDTextNot Null; The combination IM (column B) together
with ID (column C) must be unique
Reference ID
DSectionTextNot Null; Value must match the section which is
computed from the fields ‘Location From’ and
‘Location To’
Not mapped
EDirectionTextNot null; Value must be in [<, >, < >]Direction
FFrom locationTextNot Null; Value must match a Location stored in the
TCR Tool topology data
Location from
GTo locationTextif null, then the interpretation is that ‘To Location’ is
the same as ‘From Location’
if not null, the value must match a Location stored in
the TCR Tool topology data
Location to
HYear fromNumberNot nullYear From
IYear ToNumberNot Null; Must be >= Year From (Column H)Year To
JWeek FromNumberNot null; Value must be in [1-52]Week From
KWeek ToNumberNot null; Value must be in [1-52]Week To
LDate FromDateIf not null, the date must be in the calendar week as
defined by Year From and Week From
Date/Time From
MTime FromTimeIf not null, then also Date From must be not null;
If null and Date From is not null, Time From is
interpreted as 00:00
Date/Time From
NDate ToDateIf not null, then also Date From must be not null; shall
be equal or later than Date From
Date/Time To
OTime ToTimeIf not null, then also Date To must be not null;
If null and Date To is not null, Time To is interpreted
as 23:00
Date/Time To
QTime of dayTextNot null; Value must be in [continuous, periodical,
periodical continuous]
Type of TCR
RReason of
Text-; Value must be in Signal; Switch; Catenary; Track &
Rail; Tunnel; Bridge; Miscellaneous*; Maintenance,
Reason of restriction   
STotal ClosureText-; Value must be in [T, X]Total Closure (true if
value = T or X)
TReduced Track

-; Value must be in [LT, ST, LT+ST]

Description: LT - Long-distance trains; ST - short distance trains

Reduced Track
Availability LT (true if value in [LT; LT+ST])
Reduced Track
Availability ST (true if value in [ST; LT+ST])
Text-; Value must be in [S, X]Speed Restrictions
(true if value = S or X)
VWeight, Length,
Text-; Value must be in [W; L; P; W+L; W+P; L+P; W+L+P]Weight (true if value in [W; W+L; W+P;
Length (true if value in [L; W+L; L+P; W+L+P])
Profile (true if value in [P; W+P; L+P;
WDiesel onlyText-; Value must be in [Do, X]Diesel only (true if value = Do or X)
XCancellationText-; Value must be in [C, X]Cancellation Freight trains (true if value = C or X)
YRe-routingText-; Value must be in [R, X]Re-routing Freight trains (true if value = R)
Text-; Value must be in [B, X]Train replacement Freight trains (true if
value = B or X)
AADelaysText-; Value must be in [D, X, or positive integers]Estimated delays (true if value not null)
Define delay minutes (if value represents a
positive integer)

-; If entered codes of IMs that are involved in the coordination, those codes should be comma-separated

International coordination
AEIn yearly
Text-In annual timetable (mapping TBD: proposal to change allowed values to [Y] or
[Y; N]
AFIM project IDText-IM Project ID
AGLast updateDatetime-Data status
AHCanceledTextNot null; Value must be in [Y, N]If value = Y, the TCR will be canceled


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