The possibility to create a new user and assign him a role can do only the TCR Tool administrator users inside the company.

For each role, specific rules/permissions regarding read/write options and visibilities can be configured to support the desired configuration of user/role variations. The TCR-Tool will be implemented with the roles and according to permissions as shown in the table below.

Each role has its own set of permissions. If a user has assigned multiple roles, the overall permission for this user derives from the sum of the partial permissions.

For instance, and according to the table above, a user with the assigned role IM_User and Import role has all the permission from both roles, the IM_User role and import TCRs of the own IM.

To create users or modify user-roles it is necessary to be logged in with administrative rights. The cockpit view will be slightly different when logging in as an administrator. A new icon shall be visible 


To create a new user following steps must be taken:

  1. Click the Admin icon (Figure 4)
  2. Select “User admin
  3. Log in with “Admin” credentials a second time
  4. Select under “Organization” the link “Users
  5. The list of users shall be shown.
  6. Click “New” in the action section. A new window shall open

7. Enter user credentials and click on “create” – the window changes its view.

8. Now the general information can be inserted.

9. Next step is to assign the roles. Therefore select the “Roles” tab and further click on “+”(1) to open the respective menu.

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