How to harmonize TCR's

In the Tasks group of functions, all TCRs from own company are presented and users do the necessary job with them, like update TCRs, promote TCRs among the statuses, coordinate TCRs, cancel them, etc.

In this group two functions can be chosen:

  • All TCRs
  • Planned
  • Coordination
    • Coordination expected from other IMs
      • Pending
      • Disagreed
      • Agreed
    • Coordination expected from my IM
      • Pending
      • Disagreed
      • Agreed
  • Consultation
  • Publication

The functions in this group are related to the statuses of the TCRs, to faster focus on the TCRs that must be managed.

In the “Tasks” group, only the TCRs from the own organization are presented, except in the “Coordination expected from my IM”, where are TCRs from the neighboring IMs which own organization must assess. Users can do all the necessary jobs with their own company's TCRs by editing all the attributes or changing their status and classification. To do that, the TCRs on the list should be double-clicked. This will show the TCR detail view with all the attributes, that can be edit.

The list of fields with their explanation can be checked in the chapter "How to create TCRs".


Coordination expected from other IMs

All the TCRs from the own organization of the logged-in user, that should be coordinated with the involved IMs, are presented in the list. Besides, the list contains sub lists to easier checking the progress of the coordination from neighboring IMs:

Pending – the list of all TCRs that are not evaluated yet from the involved IMs

Disagreed – the list of all TCRs that involved IMs assessed, and at least one of them answers disagree

Agreed - the list of all TCRs that involved IMs assess agree

It is possible to check all answers that were provided from the neighboring IMs, together with their comments or requests.


Coordination expected from my IM

All the TCRs from the neighboring IMs, that own organization has to assess will be presented in this list.

By double-clicking, the details of the TCR are opened and the user can assess TCR by changing the status under “Affected IM” its company name to Agreed, Disagreed or Pending and enter some comments or suggestions in the textbox below the company’s name

After changing the status to agree/disagree/pending, and entering the comment, the TCR should be saved. With that, the work of assessing the TCR is done.

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