How to create reports

The fourth group of functions is related to the report and subscription possibilities to work with the TCRs. Users can execute different reports and subscribe to the reports to receive a notification to email.

In this group two functions can be chosen:

  • List of reports
  • Report Subscription


List of reports

The TCR Tool provides various types of reports for the users in order to work as a comprehensive information source. Attributes (e.g. used in the TCR form for manually creating TCRs) can be related to each other allowing for generating different reports. Users are able to run these reports which results will be presented on the screen. If necessary, these results can be exported in different formats such as HTML table, Exports to Excel, or PDF-exports, etc. 

Users are not able to create TCR reports on their own. This can do only the administrator role. 


Report Subscription

Users can subscribe to pre-defined reports to receive the automatic notifications to the email related to the reports to which subscription was done. The following steps show how a user can subscribe:

  1. Via the navigation menu selects “Report Subscription”. 
  2. In the "Report subscription" form click on the “New” button. 
  3. In the popped up window select the report from the list to which subscription will be done

  1. Select the interval
  2. Select the report mentioned in the precondition from the combo box for “Report”.
  3. Click on the “Save” button.

The browser window has been closed and the selected report subscription is displayed with the according to schedule value in the “Report Subscription” list.