RNE PCS Maintenance Table

Title Issue type Priority Taken in Patch Release System OTRS ticket nr.
Pap Alternative offer branch in Control view

Adaptation of the Control view to work with the Alternative offer branch phases.

Story Major 04/04/2018
Pap Alternative offer workflow configuration

Alternative Offer Workflow phases

Add to DossierStatus enum and review existing enum utility methods for impact.

The following Dossier Statuses should be created:

Alternative Offer Reserved (AS)

The dossier with this status has Alternative Pap inserted in the C-OSS timetable that should be accepted by impacted RU's. In this phase the the C-OSS have edit access to the C-OSS timetable.

Alternative Offer Created (AE)

In this phase the the C-OSS have edit access to the C-OSS timetable.

Alternative Offered (AF)

C-OSS promotes the dossier to this phase once the changed C-OSS timetable is ready to be sent to the RU's for acceptance of the modified Path Request. 

Alternative Offer Accepted (AA)

The modification to the Path Request has been reviewed and accepted by impacted RU's and has been promoted by leading RU.

Alternative Offer Rejected (AR)

The modification to the Path Request has been reviewed and rejected by one of the impacted RU's and has been promoted by leading RU.


C-OSS transitions

  1. Pre-Booking -> Alternative Offer Reserved
    1. not available in Control, triggered by Alternative Pap selected by C-OSS user
    2. handler: update pap requests status to ALTERNATIVE_RESERVED
  2. Pre-Booking -> Alternative Offer Created
    1. no changes to C-OSS traffic lights
    2. no changes or conditions against pap request status
  3. Withdraw Alternative Offer: Alternative Offer Reserved -> Pre-Booking
  4. Withdraw Alternative Offer: Alternative Offer Created -> Pre-Booking
    1. reset C-OSS lights
    2. handler: withdraw to pre-booking dossier version
  5. Proceed to Pre-Booking: Alternative Offered Accepted/Rejected -> Pre-Booking
  6. Submit Alternative Offer: Alternative Offer Reserved -> Alternative Offered
    1. reset impacted RU traffic lights
    2. condition: all pap requests in status of category Reserved
    3. handler: change pap request status to ALTERNATIVE_OFFERED
  7. Submit Alternative Offer: Alternative Offer Created -> Alternative Offered
    1. reset impacted RU traffic lights
    2. handler: change pap request status to ALTERNATIVE_OFFERED

RU Transitions

  1. Accept Alternative Offer: Alternative Offered -> Alternative Offer Accepted
    1. conditions: all RU traffic lights on red or green
    2. handler: update pap requests status from ALTERNATIVE_OFFERED to ALTERNATIVE_ACCEPTED
  2. Reject Alternative Offer: Alternative Offered -> Alternative Offer Rejected
    1. conditions: all RU traffic lights on red or green
    2. handler: update pap requests status from ALTERNATIVE_OFFERED to ALTERNATIVE_REJECTED, PapRequestAgencyStatusModel is not needed anymore and should be removed
Story Major 04/04/2018
Reset of Coss acceptance indicators

RFC traffic lights should be reset when Path Elaboration is released and Final Offer is submit so they have chance to check the offer.

Story Major 04/04/2018
TT warnings about duplicated arr/dep times on borders
  1. In the case where a border path section is duplicated with exact same operation point and arr/dep times and different IM agency is responsible than midnight crossing offset is not calculated.
  • (to be checked if it has to be the exact same OP) -> the rule is applied for borders, it should not be exact same OP
  1. The same should be implemented for interchange (handover) points.
  2. Additionally, a warning should be placed on the offset for potential inconsistency (such as duplicated arr/dep times) even in case where there is no responsibility change (no border/handover). 

The goal is to avoid offset changes especially in dossiers with Pap's that can later be corrected neither by C-OSS nor by IM's.

Example dossier id: 177803, agency: db-nz. Manual offset is used in this case to cancel out the auto generated offset.

Story Major 04/04/2018
C-OSS TT editing times validation

C-OSS users will be able to change times of Flex pap path sections but with some restrictions. The reason for this is that the calendar of the timetable cannot be changed by C-OSS users.

New error message upon TT Save action:

In order to avoid the need for recalculation of the calendar a validation should be performed: the change of times in a path section should not create (additional) offset with:

  • adjoining Pap path sections: An error message should be displayed: "The times of path section <Op. point name> does not conform to the running days in adjoining Pap sections".
  • in the same Pap section: An error message should be displayed: "The times of path section <Op. point name> does not conform to the running days in this Pap section".

New warning message upon TT Save action:

When the change in times will lead to (additional) offset against the adjoining F/O/IFO path sections an ACTION_REQUIRED type of error message should be shown: "The times of path section <Op. point name> does not conform to the running days in adjoining path sections <F/O/IFO op. point name>. Should the times in the path section be cleared?". If the user confirms the times of the adjoining F/O/IFO path sections will be cleared.

Test cases

  • (case1.png) PS7: 01:15 -> 02:45 (offset removed) -> error message
  • (case1.png) PS13: 00:05 -> 23:55 (offset removed) -> error message
  • (case1.png) PS7: 01:15 -> 13:13 (create offset in adjoining Pap) -> error message
  • (case1.png) PS5: 01:30 -> 00:03 (offset with PS4 - Feeder) -> warning message (times in PS4 will be removed)
  • (case2.png) PS5: 02:55 -> 23:45; 03:00 -> 23:48; PS6: 04:00 -> 23:50; PS7: 06:00 -> 23:55 -> error message - new offset is involved with adjoining pap
  • (case2.png) PS5: 02:55 -> 23:25; 03:00 -> 23:30; PS6: 04:00 -> 23:40; PS7: 06:00 -> 23:45 -> error message  - new offset is not involved, because it's still the same day
  • (case2.png) PS7: 06:00 -> 06:20 (offset with PS8) -> warning message (times in PS8 will be removed)
  • (case2.png) PS7: 06:00 -> 08:00 (offset with PS8, PS9, PS10) -> warning message (times in PS8, PS9, PS10 will be removed)
  • (case2.png) PS11: n/a -> 07:10 (offset with PS9 (departure), PS10) -> warning message (times in PS9 (departure), PS10 will be removed)
  • (case2.png) PS12: n/a -> 23:05 (offset with PS13 (arrival)) -> warning message (times in PS13 (arrival) will be removed)
Story Major 04/04/2018
C-OSS TT common and IM train parameters editing

C-OSS TT common and IM train parameters editing. Allowed editing of common and IM train parameters for coss users; added coss flags for missing mandatory times and operation point; prevented editing of common and IM train parameters on intermediate path section.

Currently, C-OSS users can edit common train parameters only for path sections that belong to an Alternative Offer Pap.

It should now be possible for C-OSS to always edit parameters see RNE014-1877. 

With the ACL in place, this should already work. It should be checked and the editing should work for IM parameters too.

Story Major 04/04/2018
PaP capacity handling in Path Elaboration

In the self-correcting function that update NR capacity the pap requests from C-OSS timetable should be considered.

Story Major 04/04/2018
Dossier close in later phases, autopromotion

The following transitions should be added:

Observations/Final Offer -> RU should be able to close the dossier

Observations/Final Offer -> background promotion if traffic lights of all RUs are red -> close the dossier

Post Processing -> IM/COSS should be able to close the dossier

This doesn't result in new dossier statuses, but new process steps will be implemented.
For dossiers that use capacity we do nothing, we don't return capacity or clean catalogue flags.

In the meantime automatic dossier promotion will be also added:


Until start of the current timetable period PCS should check every night and close every dossier where all the lights are red.
Today until mid September PCS checks every night and promote every dossier to Active Timetable where all the lights are green. Change this also to the start of the current timetable period.

For Ad-hoc

Promotions should run nightly throughout the year. It should promote everything to Closed when all lights are set to red, only from Acceptance and Final Offer phase.

Story Major 04/04/2018
IM Timetable editing in Observations

Allow IM's to edit their timetable in Observations phase. 

Test cases covered:

  • create dossier, edit IM timetable in Observation, pass the dossier through the phases until Active Timetable reached
  • create dossier with paps, edit IM timetable in Observation, pass the dossier through the phases until Active Timetable reached
  • create adhoc dossier, edit IM timetable in Acceptance, pass the dossier through the phases until Active Timetable reached
  • create ad-hoc dossier with pap, edit IM timetable in Acceptance, pass the dossier through the phases until Active Timetable reached
Story Major 04/04/2018
Dwell time validation and constraints

Dwell time should have a standard format defined in minutes and should be taken into account when validating times.

Also, implement in WS, and create a different error code.

We are checking only on one path section if the dwell time is lower than the difference between arrival and departure times. Checked only if both times are entered.

We do not validate the value unless both arr and dep times are entered.

Story Major 04/04/2018
Redesign of PCS Workflow Process Improvement Major 04/04/2018
Enable the possibility COSS to remove intermediate path section which is marked as reference point.

Enable the possibility C-OSS to remove intermediate path section which is marked as reference point.

Story Major 04/04/2018
Email notification subscription - indicate agency type

Add the affected agencies in brackets in the notification settings. Because we show there every notification for everybody, but an IM will never get an e-mail the harmonization was released. Just simply add an explanation like this:

  • Path Request submitted (IM)
  • Report generated (All)

If possible it is better to filter the notifications according to the type.

Story Major 04/04/2018
Empty calendar was checked only on the main timetable reference point

Empty calendar was checked only on the main timetable reference point. Now it is checked in every timetable.

Bug Major 04/04/2018
Mandatory common parameters flag for IM timetable was wrongly set


Wrong setter was used for IM missing mandatory common parameters

Approx. number of affected dossiers:

-- Harmonziationa: 191845, 191933, 191985, 192013, 190521, 192144, 192136, 190283, 190974, 191564, 190146, 190147, 190497, 191124, 190615, 192110, 192142, 190282, 191932, 191952, 192020, 190489, 192063, 191922, 190148, 192021, 190799, 192118, 190826, 190821, 190498, 191841, 191512, 191966, 191846, 190820, 190819, 191931, 191938, 191983, 192045, 192126, 191030, 190264, 190722, 191934, 191783, 192145, 191937, 191973, 191129, 191623, 191923, 191633, 191950, 191511, 191901, 192121, 190181, 190163, 190102, 192148, 192005, 192007, 192041, 191943, 192128, 191967, 192052, 191968, 191963, 191972, 191971, 191884, 191961, 191206, 192047, 191962, 192119, 191123, 192135, 190262, 192064, 191722, 192061, 192093, 191579, 191580, 192044, 192062, 192138, 191886, 192096, 188825, 190648, 192116, 191965 -- Harmonization Conference: 186270, 186399, 186400, 186828, 186886, 186403, 184189, 189962, 184179, 189945, 186402, 192169, 189946, 185396, 186839 select DISTINCT drip.dossier_id from DOSSIER_RUIMPAIR drip where drip.DOSSIERSTATUS_ID in ('C', 'Q') and drip.IM_PARAMS_WARNING = '1' and EXISTS (SELECT * from TRASSE where agencytype_id = 'KM') and (drip.STAMP like '2018-03-29%' or drip.stamp like '2018-03-28%');

dossiers where version was made:

  • leading RU [2060]: 190147, 190163, 190181, 190183, 190258, 190259, 190262, 190263, 190264, 190282, 190283, 190286, 190287, 190489, 190497, 190498, 190722, 190819, 190820, 190821, 190974
  • leading RU [2320]: 190102, 190799
  • leading RU [216]: 192093, 192116
  • leading RU [3480]: 192005
  • leading RU [780]: 192061
  • leading RU [16]: 190615,191030,191968,192020,192021,192047
  • leading RU [19]: 191123, 191124
  • leading RU [196]: 191886,191922,191923,191934,191938,191943,191961
  • leading RU [1700]: 191801,191802
  • leading RU [120]: 191511,191901,191932,191952,191971
  • leading RU [189]: 185396
  • leading RU [120]: 192169
  • leading RU [194]: 189962
  • leading RU [2840]: 186839
  • leading RU [24]: 184179,184189,186270,189946
  • leading RU [2]: 186399, 186400, 186402, 186403,186828, 186886
Bug Major 04/04/2018
Bug fix for adding new PAPs in Combined pap dossier

Bug fix for adding new PAPs in Combined pap dossier; set origin corridor catalogue id in path sections w/o capacity in alternative offer for combined PAP dossier.

dossier id: 191140


  • PaP removed from Main and again added to dossier resulted in not cleaning up catalogue flags
  • affected dossiers: 191282, 191511, 191884

What was done:

  • catalogue flags from main TT cleared 
  • pap request and pap request related data (requested locations, pap request archive, pap request conflict archive) removed 
  • state of the dossier fixed 
Bug Major 04/04/2018
Allow leading RU to remove pap path sections that belong to the involved agencies Bug Major 08/03/2018 https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;TicketID=73070#120204
Crash on copy dossier in TAF/TSI test system
  • validate validity period of path through WS
  • validate number of path sections in path (min 2 path sections)
Bug Major 08/03/2018 https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;TicketID=73066#120129
Selection list of loco types - remove n/a

Removed n/a from the selection list for loco types in case there is no description defined.

Story Major 28/02/2018
Deletion of draft dossiers

In the dossier draft selection modal in the search results add a column with a delete button for each row. This allow removing a dossier draft one by one. Deletion have a confirmation dialog and after confirming the draft will be removed from the table.New button added to the Dashboard, Advanced Search and recent activity, when dossiers are selected. "Mark as unread" button added next to the current button "Mark as read".

Story Major 28/02/2018
Mark as unread option implemented in Dashboard

New button added to the Dashboard, Advanced Search and recent activity, when dossiers are selected. "Mark as unread" button added next to the current button "Mark as read".

Story Major 28/02/2018
RU should see only published PaP Calendar

RU uses should see only published PaP calendar (requested and reserved calendar should not be shown to them)

Improvement Major 28/02/2018
Grid sorting options are stored in display settings

When the grid data is changed (including sorting/filtering), the newly queried dossiers are stored in local storage so the prev/next buttons would work properly.

Improvement Major 28/02/2018
Check path sections without Operation point on dossier acceptance

1. Wizard steps were not properly marked - the current step was not highlighted, and the completed step was missing a checkmark… if you jump around all the steps seem disabled but they were still clickable.

2. Reorder paps -> hide “path number” if there’s no value 

3. Use traffic period removed if there are no traffic periods (empty select box)

4. Dossier level data - > the accordion with content either have arrows or should NOT be collapsible

Improvement Minor 28/02/2018
Improvements in catalogue import wizard
  • - do not show cancel buttons when an import is in progress;
    - train id is not required if taf-tsi is disabled;
    - "Path number" label is hidden if there is no value for it;
    - traffic period select is removed if there are no traffic periods.
Improvement Minor 28/02/2018
Path Request phase is milestone in adhoc process types
  • - Fixed wrong transition code from Path Request to Pre-Booking  
  • - Before saving the dossier draft, set its ttp to the ttp of the dossier model because that is the value that is changing when we select new ttp.
Improvement Major 28/02/2018
PAMT Search for RU/IM users
  • PAMT Search should be available for RU/IM users, not PAMT report.
  • RU/IM users want to have notification to them about pap statuses at X-8 and x-7.5 -> instead of sending notifications they can use PAMT Search
  • PAMT search results - single search result PAP dossier and NPR dossiers where that PAP dossier is used and this RU/IM is involved
  • PAMT search criteria: fields Show PAP dossiers and Show pap requests should not be shown for RU/IM users, because they should search only for PAP dossiers with requests only and pap requests are the one that are important for them
Improvement Major 28/02/2018
Administration view for of user labels

Specific administration view under personal settings for labels.

List all labels for the logged in user in a table with columns: 

  •  - name: the name of the label
  •  - description: description of the label
  •  - owner: Yes/No designating if the logged in user is the creator of the label
  •  - shared: Yes/No/Not Applicable designating if the user has shared the label with other users and Not Applicable in case owner = No
  • , and allow filtering by name/description and sharing option (grid filtering should be enough).

Option to Edit/Delete/Share a label. The edit option allows changing the description of the label but also the name. The name is mandatory. If the name is changed the user should be asked for confirmation and we advised that this will be reflected in the dossiers labeled with this label.

Edit option added in the dashboard, next to the Share and Delete options that show up when only one label is selected.

Deleting a label that is used in dossiers ask for a specific confirmation with warning that the label is used in dossiers and will be removed from them.

DB Change

Modify LABEL table add column DESCRIPTION. Add a corresponding field in the model.

Displaying labels

**Labels displayed with the description as on hover title.

  •  - dashboard labels menu
  •  - dashboard search results
  •  - dashboard search results top bar
  •  - dossier details

On the Dashboard, labels go to their own column and not directly next to the dossier name. Column should be filterable and sortable (starts with, is equal to, is not equal to).

Possible to search for "empty" i.e. dossiers that have no labels via the grid filter.

Story Major 28/02/2018
User labels in a separate column in Dashboard search results

On the Dashboard, labels should go to their own column and not directly next to the dossier name. Column should be filterable and sortable (starts with, is equal to, is not equal to).

Especially it should be possible to search for "empty" i.e. dossiers that have no labels via the grid filter.

Story Major 28/02/2018
Administration view of user filters is implemented

Create a specific administration view under personal settings for filters. More or less the same as for labels

  • In personal settings add 'Manage filters' button (Add 'Manage labels' button also).
  • Create specific 'Manage filters view' that contains the grid for the userdefined filters (Create 'Manage labels view' also).
  • Columns: Name, Valid From, Valid To, Owner, Shared, Edit Info, Edit Search Criteria, Share, Delete
  • Edit Info: Modal where name, valid from and valid to fields can be changed. Add the button to the dashboard also.
  • Edit Search Criteria: Redirect to Advanced Search. Rename the button in the dashboard also
Story Major 28/02/2018
Dashboard labels improvements - incoming/outgoing icon is shown next to a shared label

Show an incoming/outgoing icon next to a shared label depending on whether someone shared it with the logged in user or he shared it with other users.

  • show outgoing icon for the user who shared the label.
  • show incoming icon for the user with whom the label is shared.
  • display the icons in "Label Filters", "Labels" and in the grid.
  • display tooltip above the icon to make it clearer.
Story Major 28/02/2018
Change Traffic lights color

make clearer distinction between green, blue, grey

Improvement Major 28/02/2018
Rename field: "days in service on this path"

field "days in service on this path" should be renamed to "Service days for reference point on this path"

check it on GUI, reports

Improvement Minor 28/02/2018
Visibility of "add Path section" button improved

Make more visible (maybe darker) add path section button

Improvement Major 28/02/2018
Advanced search criteria - improvement

"Reset fields" button should be more visible

show hidden fields if there are hidden fields in the active search criteria when you come back to the page

clear the values of the hidden fields if show all is unchecked.

If there are no search results, hide the Columns dropdown.

Improvement Minor 28/02/2018
Switch to Partial Harmonization improvement

- acceptance of GTC is not requested for non pcs members  
- switch to Partial Harmonization is disabled when there are non-PCS member agencies involved

See: https://cms.rne.eu/node/537

if there is non-PCS member agency in dossier switching to partial harmonization should be disabled (All process types)

To do:

add condition AllPathSectionsHavePcsMemberResponsibleAgency

use that condition in workflow configurers

Improvement Major 28/02/2018
Copy parameters modal dialog did not show up for intermediate path sections Bug Major 28/02/2018 https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;TicketID=72754
(DB-Netz) Loco type value is blanked when copying parameters

Option to copy loco types was applied only to the loco type fields. It is now related to copying the entire loco ident entry. A separate message is shown now when train max and planned speed are higher than the allowed value according to the targets loco type and loco type copy option is not selected. The message now indicates that the copying is not possible because of incompatible loco ident train parameters, previously it was showing the catalogue incompatibility message.

Story Major 28/02/2018 https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;TicketID=72708#118190
Add adhoc pre-accepted process type in the PDF export table Story Major 28/02/2018 https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;TicketID=72825#118835
An exception occurs in search with labels selected at the same time Story Major 28/12/2017 https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;TicketID=72377#116518
Fix for inability to close dropdown when choosing Train Id agency

When editing train id if you select the agency field you cannot close it by clicking outside of it (and to select the same you have to find it again)

Bug Minor 28/12/2017
Dossiers need to be closed before TT starts

Use start date of TTP to check whether the start date of the TTP of the dossier has passed.

Bug Major 28/12/2017 https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;TicketID=72483#
Loco-type value dissapears after Path Alteration
  • dossier id: 172066, PA Offer
  • working copy of RU TT (loco type was missing)
  • state of the dossier was fixed with DB update (as loco type id was set loco type from working copy of IM TT)
Bug Major 28/12/2017 https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;TicketID=72467#116980
Fix for dossier report statistics


  • incorrect number of search results in Statistics/Archive report, because of dossier_ruimpair_archive.coss_id = dossier_ruimpair.coss_id

What was done:

  • use descr of the ReportType when sending mail for generated report
  • fix showing of expiration date on GUI
  • fix incorrect number of search results in Statistics/Archive report, because of dossier_ruimpair_archive.coss_id = dossier_ruimpair.coss_id
  • optimize Statistics/Archive report search query
  • refactor Statistic/Archive report search
  • fix select part for non-ruimpair dossiers in Register search
  • rename package archive-search to reports-search
  • rename frontend files dossier-archive-search to dossier-report-search
  • rename report related models
  • rename package dossierorganizerarchiverregister to dossier
  • change rest calls for report generation and archive/register search
Improvement Major 28/12/2017 https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;TicketID=72162#115353
Issues with train parameters templates

All templates created by any user from an agency can be seen and edited in Template administration but only the ones created by the logged in user can be selected when copying in the timetable view. 

Bug Major 28/12/2017 https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;TicketID=72538#117145
Issues when saving and propagating changes to subsidiary

There is now a cancel button in the dialog for propagation of parameter changes to subsidiaries. With this change if there is an error (no changes, or even something went wrong) the action can be canceled.

Bug Major 28/12/2017 https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;TicketID=72539#117188
Czech translations Story Major 06/12/2017 2016120187000024
Quick search by path id fails for not number

Also should exit the PathId mode after Escape is hit, because currently only reload takes you back to the normal quick search.

And probably is better to accept non-case sensitive input of pathid let's say as a command.

Bug Major 06/12/2017
Carry forward - loco type wrong label and message

In loco types step of carry forward the header says that loco type; national id, it should be loco type; explanation.

Further, even though correct loco type is selected for replacement it still asks for confirmation about proceeding without fixing outdated loco types.


Bug Major 06/12/2017
TAF/TSI System: Agency notifications namespace issue Story Major 06/12/2017 2017092987000012
Automatic RFC capacity return - failed when NO_CHANGES_FOUND

Automatic RFC capacity return - failed when NO_CHANGES_FOUND (prevent stopping of execution of RFC capacity return task in case of Exception on dossier level; check for changes before persisting CT dossier; move updating of CT/RFC calendars into separate service)

Improvement Major 06/12/2017
TTP 2019 end date is not correct

Last date of TTP 2019: 14th December 2019

Bug Major
N-Day rule was still taken into account for Short term Paps Bug Major 27/11/2017 2017112087000097
Cannot add loco type

It should be possible to edit existing and add new loco types for all active timetable periods at all times. It should not be possible to delete a loco type that is used in dossiers.

This is a CR against the original requirements (Loco Types SRS v1.4.docx, Req. 1.c "The system shall allow addition of new loco types for the current timetable period at any time.").

Original task: https://extranet.netcetera.biz/jira/browse/RNE014-1294

For add operation: check if the timetable is created OR check for loco interval.

For edit/delete operation: check if the loco type is used in dossiers.

Bug Major 27/11/2017
Prevent changing responsible IM for a reference point

The problem was due to existence of two reference points for PKP-I and none for DB-NZ.
The border  Frankfurt (Oder) Oderbruecke was DB-NZ reference point in PR and than the responsible IM was changed but reference point was not reassigned.

Bug Major 09/11/2017 2017092687000036
Loco types view available to RFC's; moved C-OSS Dashboard navigation menu item

RFC's will benefit from access to loco types definition when resolving catalogue import issues.

Story Major 09/11/2017
Exception to the N day rule for PAP dossiers for Short term path requests

Currently we have the N day rule defined in PCS that returns every day from the Published PaPs to the IMs. This is fine, but with this rule RFC are not able to process PAPs for short term path requests.

In order to be able to process that kind of PAP dossiers (with Exception to N-day rule) in Excel Importer, in the step where RFCs enter TTP, Train Type and Type of pre-constructed product we will add a check box where they can check if they want to import PAP dossiers for Short term path requests. That information will be kept on dossier level, will be shown in Dossier Basic Data and will be used to ignore those PAP dossiers in RFC capacity returning (automatic and manual) and PAP dossier Publishing. For those kind of dossier, instead of defined N-day rule, will be used 0-day rule.
Also the checkbox for paps for short term should be added in the pap manager.

Story Major 09/11/2017
New notifications - process related

Notification about in Ad-Hoc and Late Path Request process types: 

  • RFC, IM, AB receives e-mail when path request was submitted by an RU
  • RU receives e-mail when harmonization was started by leading RU and when offer arrived (ad-hoc request, draft offer or final offer)

These notification depend on the process type, are hooked to certain dossier transition and agency type. Consider using ACL (or similar configuration) to define who gets such email notifications. Some of the existing notifications already are conditioned with phase transitions with direct checks before sending and in the workflow configuration which might not be the best place for this.

Story Major 09/11/2017
Login screen additions: PCS web services version, new documentation links

Needs to be done:

  • supported version of IP (v5.1): add property to config.properties named "pcs.web.services.version"
  • pull up pcs version section
  • change link to PCS IP Documentation
  • rename  

Link for PCS IP documentation:

RNE CMS should be renamed to PCS Documentation

Story Major 09/11/2017
Web Services - restore missing DL params in IM requests

SNCF is not sending dossier level parameters in their requests. In PCS IP they were put back and status code 102 was generated. In PCS web services 302 is returned.

Story Major 09/11/2017 2017101287000087