RNE PCS Maintenance Table

Title Issue type Priority Taken in Patch Release System OTRS ticket nr.
Timetable combinations - detailed main case

Dossier id: 144982 (in production)
In IM-TT there are for the stretch of DB Netz 2 combinations:
1. in the main, valid for the whole year and
2. in the sub, valid from 15.12.2016 to 5.8.2017.

In the view TT combination there is now only one combination. For the correct splitting TT combinations should contain 2 combinations:
1. valid from 15.12.2016 to 5.8.2017 (in this combination you can recognize that for german stretch dobble TT (Main+Sub) is containing)
2. TT valid from 6.8.2017 to 7.12.2016.

So, the system should automatically split TT in combinations when TT validity period/ running days are different.

Improvement Minor 21/03/2017
ACL to prevent changing of responsible IM of reference point

ACL to prevent changing of responsible IM of reference point in PA/PM.
ACL to prevent changing of responsible IM of reference point. Use responsible RU/IM when resolving pair for IM params validation.

Improvement Critical 21/03/2017
Delete tailor made points after adding a pap

Delete tailor made points after adding a pap (added CT catalogues in combined pap dossier) 

  • dossier id: 177834
  • dossier structure:
    • combined PaP dossier: F - CT - RFC PAP1 - RFC PAP2 - O
    • in version 17 RFC PaPs were added to the dossier and dossier became combined PAP dossier, managed by PCS subs contains only RFC PAP sections
    • in version 18, new comment was added and here because of the CombinedPathChangesProcessor structure of the dossier was broken (CT path sections, that are as part of the feeder were added to the managed by PCS subs)


  • In managed by PCS subsidiaries should be included only path sections that are from RFC dossiers, intermediate path sections (case: intermediate flex path sections, sandwich path sections)
    • as a result of that, when CombinedPathChangesProcessor perform matching should look only for those kind of path sections (should exclude from matching catalogues path sections that don't belong to RFC dossier)
  • In creation of the combined pap timetables in preparing of used catalogue data prevent possible NPE
Improvement Critical 27/03/2017 https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;TicketID=70777#
Dangerous goods indicator cut off in PDF export

Dangerous goods indicators are cut off in the PDF export files after two rows. Furthermore, those values are repeated at every operation point even when they are not changing (which is in contradiction to the behaviour of all other common and IM parameters which are only shown if they are changing in the course of the train).

Improvement Major 27/03/2017 https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;TicketID=70695#
IM area empty in PDF export

In the PDF export the IM area is empty, even if in PCS the IM timetable is fulfilled.

Improvement Major 27/03/2017 https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;TicketID=70665#107895
The operation points that lack local information are not taken into account in the calculation of pap distance


  • K-Value Section: 8970.47
  • K-Value Total Dossier: 9305.27
  • calculation:
    • SZOB-FERENCVAROS: 31 days x 71.37 km
    • FERENCVAROS-LOEKOESHAZA: 31 days x 218 km
    • LOEKOESHAZA-CURTICI: 31 days x 10.8 km
  • Sum: 31 days x 300.17 km = 9305.27 It’s the same as your Total Dossier value. But then what is the 8970.47?
    In dossier 150226 I could imagine that you put K-Value section value 59 days x 218 km (FERENCVAROS – LOEKOESHAZA) and K Value Total Dossier is the sum with the other PaP section that is not shown with RAJKA – FERENCVAROS.
Bug Major 27/03/2017
Always show Dossier ID on PCS NG GUI Improvement Minor 02/12/2016
Workflow button labels rename for Pap's Improvement Minor 02/12/2016
Path number copied to subsidiary Improvement Minor 02/12/2016
Dashboard - select all vs. select visible

There should be a possibility to select only visible dossiers from the results, for example if something is filtered out or not visible on the current page.


User is able to select only those that are on that particular page or all dossiers in the result.

Improvement Minor 20/12/2016
"train max speed" non-mandatory for catalogs

Train max speed parameter of CT catalogs were changed to non-mandatory.

Improvement Minor 20/12/2016
Acceptance of general terms and conditions Improvement Major 20/12/2016
Mandatory rejection reason via updateDossierStatus
  • in case when dossier is rejected/withdrawn mandatory reason should be entered, if not entered error code 634 (DOSSIER_REJECTION_CAUSE_EMPTY) will be returned
  • in updateDossierStatusRequest new optional element comment is added
          <xsd:element name="comment" type="v3_0:RejectionCause" minOccurs="0">
              <xsd:documentation>Comment that should be entered in case when dossier is withdrawn/rejected. 
              In other cases if entered will be ignored.</xsd:documentation>
Improvement Major 21/12/2016 2016112187000051
Extended getOperationPointByReferenceId to return points also outside the current validity period.

The operation has been modified:

  • Start date of the operation point should be before the end date. The end date should be in the future or equal to current date. With this approach, the integrators would get the operation points which are activated in the future. 
Improvement Major 21/12/2016 2016120687000088
Enable changing of ref. point in PaP dossiers
  • Disable changing of ref.point, results in no possibility to delete the first path section. Because of that issue we decided to implement changing of the ref. point for PaP dossiers.
  • PaP dossiers have one ref. point
  • How is it going to be done:
    • Coordinator COSS will be able to change ref. point and as ref. point can be set any path section from the path
    • Leading IM will be able to change ref. point, but as ref. point can be set path section where he is responsible
    • Involved IM will not be able to change ref. point
Improvement Minor 28/12/2016 2016121387000136
Change label for CT catalogues to "Catalogue ID".

We changed the PaP ID label for CT catalogs to "Catalogue ID".

Improvement Minor 28/12/2016
Wrong labels in network pap search

In the Network pap search RNE corridors are shown with the values from C01 to C11. This should be in line with the PaP search, showing RFC corridors and their names.

Also if you open the network pap you see there Catalog dossier ID label, it should be PaP Dossier ID instead.

Story Minor 13/01/2017
Possibility to change leading role (IM) in Path Consulting or Feasibility Study Elaboration phase

Mail from Máté Bak:

Today on FTE A I received a question, whether it’s possible to change the leading role from one IM to another in PCC or in Feasibility Study Elaboration. As we see at the moment it’s not enabled there, however I checked it in pfcoretest and it was possible before in Legacy. Can I ask you to enable this possibility again?

If you need an example dossier 172264 as sbb-i.

Story Major 13/01/2017
After saving, dossier is still unread in Recent activity Bug Minor 13/01/2017 2017010387000049
Resolve responsible agencies regardless of the target state when performing withdraw transition Bug Minor 13/01/2017 2017011087000035
Corrections in NRC recalculation to take into account remaining capacity for a PaP dossier that is used in dossiers where the catalog flags have been cleaned (Active timetable, PA/PM) Bug Major 13/01/2017 2017010287000023
COSS Dashboard select all vs. select visible Improvement Minor 13/01/2017
Reset the RU acceptance indicator after finishing the Feasibility Study Process

In the Feasibility Study Process the dossier has reached the Phase "Feasibility Study Result". NB: according to defined process in PCS all dossiers are switched back automatically on XX/03/20XX at 23.59 (limit for answering path study requests) which are in Feasibility Study Elaboration Conference to Harmonization. IMPORTANT: the Feasibility Study Result will be treated in the system as ‘acknowledged’.

Reset of all RU-Lights on blue after switching back the dossiers : 1) from Feasibility Study Result into Harmonization by leading RU manually or by PCS automatically according to the pre-defined dates (normally 5x). 2) from Feasibility Study Elaboration Conference to Harmonization by PCS automatically according to the pre-defined date (normally 1x).

When the RU-Lights are reset to blue after finishing the Feasibility Study Process, all involved RUs know that they must check the dossiers for preparing the Path Request (no confusion).

Story Major 13/01/2017
Train composition crash (in IE when user enters invalid OP save crash) Bug Minor 13/01/2017 2016123087000023
Advanced search criteria not preserved between searches Bug Minor 13/01/2017 2017010487000038
Activity type "Reversing Stop" appears 4 times (see screenshot), (prod, db-f, 172006) - this is now validated also during copy dossier and carry forward. Bug Minor 13/01/2017 2016120787000041
Possibility to "add station" at the end of the timetable Improvement Minor 28/01/2016
Bulk operations

Users need to be able to use bulk operations for:

  • Acceptance indicator change (light change)
  • Dossier promotion
Improvement Major 15/02/2016
Automatic RFC capacity returning Story Major 18/02/2016 , , 2016020487000332
Dossier History View

Dossier History view needs to be in place like in PCS legacy

Story Major 15/02/2016
Calendar: automatic adjustment of path sections in main calendar due to "overriding" subsidiary Improvement Major 15/02/2016
Error when updating dossier created by IP (webservices)

User created dossier on pcstest2 and wanted to add national_im_parameters via updateDossierRUIMPair request. He first call getDossier operation, copy the whole <pathfinderintegration> element to updateDossierRUIMPair template and add dossier parameters. For some reason for one of the automated test this does not work - you get 501 error. Code which updates national IM parameters is identical accross the tests, only dossier xml is different.

Bug Major 18/02/2016 , 2016021787000399
My company is leading filter doesn't work in advanced search

In advanced search the filter to get the dossier where My company is leading is not working. 

Bug Major 18/02/2016 , , 2016020587000616
Grey agency in advanced search is not grey

Grey Agency

Bug Minor 18/02/2016 , 2016012687000365
IM Parameter tooltip is now visible in all cases so that long values that are cut in some cases in the read only view can be seen in a tooltip on mouse over Bug Minor 04/08/2016 Ticket#2016072787000085
Send path request action in the case of ad-hoc partially harmonized request was changing back the process type back to Ad-hoc which was causing Control view to be inaccessible and the dossier was stuck Bug Major 04/08/2016
Conditional dependencies for IM parameters were interpreted with OR instead of AND. There are only 3 parameters for OBB in production that have such conditions for TTP 2017. Bug Minor 04/08/2016 Ticket#2016062787000112
Wrong marking of days in compare function due to wrong configuration in PCS for which calendars should be compared, omit comparison of complementary calendar Bug Major 04/08/2016 Ticket#2016072187000051
Error message on Compare timetables Bug Major 04/08/2016 Ticket#2016063087000026, Ticket#2016070887000085
Different search results for same search due to wrong values were kept between searches Bug Minor 04/08/2016 Ticket#2016062287000069
Timetable Combinations (aka. Routes)

New timetable geographical presentation that offers a comprehensive overview where the train is running from origin to destination. Combinations are derived by combining first all subsidiaries according to the route in the main based on the origin and destination and common running days and if all days are not covered by the produced combinations then the main is concidered and additional combinations are created with it.
There is also the option to compare different timetabale combinations which will show what are the differences in times, locations, dwell-times etc. 

The system will show warning in the following cases:
 - when the produced combinations do not cover all requested days
 - when there are handover inconsistencies in the timetable to alert the user that in this case the produced combinations might be incorrect
 - when some of the combinations do not conform to the origin/destionation of the main timetable

A checkbox "Show days not covered by IM offer" has been added in the Calendar view. It will show in yellow all days requested in the RU timetable that are not covered in the IM timetable offer in the origin of the RU main timetable. The comparison is made according to the timetable combinations for both timetables.

Related documentation can be found here.

Improvement Critical 04/08/2016
Mandatory Traction details – Default values

For details please check the referred CR.

Improvement Minor 25/11/2016 , , , , ,
Edit calendar - reset year

For the details please check the referred CR.

Improvement Minor 25/11/2016 , , , , ,
Copy dossier crashes when IM timetable is selected; reset responsible IM during copy from IM to RU TT (responsible IM should be the same as agency responsible for OP) Bug Minor 02/12/2016 2016112987000064
Correction for older archive versions to not retrieve responsible RU/IM from db because the path section ids might not exist anymore - case of dossier withdraw Bug Minor 02/12/2016 2016112987000055
Web Services: (Db-Netz) Error 501 createSingleDossier Bug Minor 02/12/2016 2016112887000057
Path request phase promotion error

Sometimes in path request phase the IM TT is completely empty. Seems like the automatic copy function doesn't work properly

Bug Critical
Feasibility Study - IM TT copy

IM TT should be fulfilled by the RU TT automatically

Improvement Minor
Not production related traffic lights

Traffic lights are missing from the Control view that are not path related traffic lights.

Story Major
Dossier details - calendar filter

Calendar filter should have a reset option.

Improvement Minor
Filters, labels - sharing indication

If a label or a filter is shared with other users, there should be an indication, maybe a symbol on the label or on the filter that it is shared.

Improvement Minor
Warning - dossier is used

Missing notification, if another user is in the same dossier

Story Major
Warning - inconsistency is in the dossier

Missing warning messages and lights for inconsistent borders and not conform main and subsidiary timetables.

Story Major
Acceptance indicators - wrong changes

Indicator changes due to different kind of changes are wrong. Possible actions and necessary changes must be checked.

Bug Critical 15/12/2015
ACL - involved RU dossier promotion

Non-leading RU was able to submit path request. The function is still not stabile.

Bug Critical 18/12/2015
Composite relation - dossiers not visible

Composite relation dossiers and the composite relation are not visible in the created dossiers. (Origin dossier should be visible in the frequency dossiers)

Bug Major 15/12/2015
Several issues with Filters for their Default View and visibility settings
  • Once a filter is choosen, you cannot go back to the filter "Recent Activity" as a default one. System gives an error.
  • For the personal settings the combination of Default view and visibility settings is misleading and faulty. The defautl view provides all filters, hidden and unhidden without discrimination.
    • Possible solution: Show in grey the non-visible filters
  • If a filter is non-visible but is choosen as a default filter, still doesn´t show up in the Dashboard.
    • Possible solution: allow to choose a non-visible filter (even if they are finally in grey) and make it visible automatically in both: the visibility list and the dashboard.
  • Default value list for the default filters does not correspond to their names. For example "dashboard.filters.others" is there twice. One correspond to "Others shoul react 2015" and the other to "Others should react 2016". All the values must have the same names.
Bug Major 25/01/2016
Catalogue dossier cannot be added to a new dossier

A catalogue path has been published by SNCF R (APCE01) User can select this path but while clicking on the buttom "Add selected to new dossier" something went wrong


Bug Critical 25/01/2016
Flex PaP Timetable cannot be edited

I cannot edit the Flex PaP timetable, even the operation points are not protected. I reserved as RFC and I forwarded to the IMs, but even so I cannot edit the timetable for the Flex PaP operation points. Even the path and train number is blocked. I have a feeling that the problem is with the forwarding function.


Bug Critical 25/01/2016
Pre-Allocation single PaP Sections
  • currently PCS supports combination of reservation and tailor-made mode in cross-corridor requests only. We should support this for single corridor request as well.
Story Major 15/02/2016