RNE PCS Maintenance Table

Title Issue type Priority Taken in Patch Release System OTRS ticket nr.
Train Id not visible for TAF/TSI in optional mode

Entering of Train Id was allowed during dossier creation. But if the TAF/TSI configuration was set as optional the field was not shown afterwards in dossier basic data. Consequently it could not be changed even in Open phase. In this case it was also not send in GetDossier response. 

Via WS when TAF/TSI was set to option and trainid element was missing in the request 501 was returned.

Bug Major 09/11/2017
COSS Dashboard select all vs. select visible

There should be a possibility to select only visible dossiers for example if something is filtered out or not visible on the current page.

Improvement Major 04/04/2017
Observations in dashboard without observation type

Observations that have no type defined are not shown in the Observations column in the advanced search results.

The filtering in the Observations column is based on the Observation type. In order not to do major changes a new special Observation type has been defined 'No reason given' which is not selectable when making observations but it will be used to mark observation without any reason given. It will be available in the filtering options under 'Show only'.

Story Major 04/04/2017
Correct pair resolving function to work with selected responsible IM for each path section Improvement Major 04/04/2017 2017020687000051
UpdateDossierRUIMPair based on responsible RU

The version 5.2 is just a placeholder version as we do not add any new operations and there won’t be an endpoint for it and no need for update of the handbook.


Special case will be handled in PCS IP block resolving to find the block related to the RU in the given pair that the update applies to and update only that block, the rest of the path that is being updated won't be touched i.e if it is not present in the request it will be reconstructed by PCS IP. This will apply only to IM paths and only when:

  • the element updateImPathBasedOnResponsibleRU will be found in a UpdateDossierRUIMPairRequest
  • each of the send path sections elements will contain the optional parameter <responsible_ru_agency_id> or <responsible_ru_agency_uic_id>

Otherwise the system will behave as it currently does, it will resolve the block based only based on the IM agency that sends the request.


The GetDossierRequest will support a boolean optional element pathsWithResponsibleRu, when set to true the response will include <responsible_ru_agency_id> or <responsible_ru_agency_uic_id> for each path section.

Story Major 04/04/2017
Specify and implement deletion of report after 14 days Story Minor 04/04/2017 2017032987000112
Export, report limits

Configurable limit for dossiers selected for various exports and reports - if max number of dossiers for export is set and limit is reached give a warning to the user.

Story Major 12/04/2017
PDF exports cannot be downloaded in new versions of firefox Story Minor 12/04/2017 2017041287000099
Single dossier PDF export fails in some cases Bug Major 12/04/2017 2017041187000064
Rename of the conference phases

Rename conference phases

  • Path Consulting Conference -> Harmonization Conference*
  • Conference -> Feasibility Elaboration Conference

Improvement Minor 12/04/2017
Crash when trying to reserve alternative offer for pap with position different from the 1st Bug Major 12/04/2017 2017040787000072
Load translated texts during the bootstrap – some translations on dashboard were missing: items per page, page of etc. Story Minor 18/04/2017
Partial Harmonization dossier: Retrieve to correct process type once the last pair arrive in Final Offer. Bug Major 20/04/2017 2017041987000022
The order of setting acceptance indicators and tailor made catalogue flags removal was wrong in the service calls composition.

Máté Bak: If you check c1oss tailor-made dossiers, you can see that sometimes his light is yellow, sometimes is green. In Path Elaboration they cannot change the light manually. Do you know the reason?
[11:42:16] Máté Bak: example: 178133"

Acceptance indicators are currently set to green if path section that still use some capacity are present in the timetable. If the complete timetable is tailor made the acceptance indicators remain yellow which is incorrect.

Bug Minor 20/04/2017
Translation keys are shown after language change

The translation gets corrected after reload but this was not the case before, it should translate everything in the newly selected language immediately.

Story Minor 25/04/2017
Combined pap changes propagation: reset offsets of newly added path sections Bug Major 25/04/2017
Traction mode new value

A 5th value should be added to the mode: No leading Engine.

Story Major 05/05/2017
TrainCC system code table update

The list have been updated to the following:

ETCS Level 0
ETCS Level 1
ETCS Level 2
ETCS Level 3
TVM 430TBL1+
ZUB 123
TVM 300
TVM 430
ATB 1st Gen
ATB Next Gen

Story Major 05/05/2017
RouteClass code list

Free text field should be changed to single choice list with the following values in the codelist:
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, C2, C4, CM2, CM3, CM4, CM, CE, D2, D4, A2, A4, B1, B2, C3, D3, E4, E5

Story Major 05/05/2017
Brake type

Brake type list has been extended with value "X" according to TAF-TSI code list.

Story Major 05/05/2017
Braking ratio

Braking ratio
Spelling mistake: "Breaking" should be fixed to “Braking”

Spelling mistake should be fixed to “braked”

Spelling mistake should be fixed to “Braking”

Story Minor 05/05/2017
Dangerous goods indication - new fields

It should be added to the dangerous goods area. Free text max 5 digits.

It should be added to the dangerous goods area. Values are expected in cubic meters, max 5 digits.

New check box in the dangerous goods area


New fields have been added to:

  • .xsd schema intergration v5.1.xsd
  • PDF export


Story Major 05/05/2017
Pre-accepted offer
  • New Process Type Ad-hoc Pre-accepted Path Request should be added (Process type id: R)
  • When RU user creates a dossier with the PCS wizard he cannot change the process type, it is pre-selected according to the selected timetable period. If the process type Ad-hoc Path Request is resolved now there should be a possibility for the RU to change it to the new Ad-hoc process type
  • Add Configuration for the Workflow of the new Process Type Ad-hoc Pre-accepted Path Request
    • Acceptance phase should be milestone phase. This means that once Draft Offer is submitted by the leading IM the dossier will immediately transition to Active timetable phase.
    • For this process type there won't be a possibility to do partially harmonized offer (from RU or IM side).
  • New process type needs to be supported in PCS web services. This means changes in the content of the response for GetDossierPhases operation, but no schema changes are necessary.
  • For the existing Ad-hoc Path Request process - once Draft Offer is submitted by the leading IM the following actions will be possible for the leading RU from Draft Offer phase:
    • directly submit Active Timetable, the transition Post-processing will be skipped which is the behavior today
    • do Withdraw, an option that is not supported today, that will effectively bring the dossier back to Harmonization phase. The IM timetable will be lost and the last version of the dossier in Harmonization will be revived
    • do Return to Path Elaboration which will change the phase to Path Elaboration and give appropriate dossier permissions (read for RU's, write for IM's). The last dossier version in Path Elaboration will be revived. Pap requests status changes in some cases will be necessary from drafted to reserved, tailor-made will stay tailor-made. This is a new Withdraw-like transition that does not exist in PCS today and will have to be developed.
Story Critical 05/05/2017
Minor Release 2017 - CRs selection

The referenced change requests are belonging officially to PCS Minor Release 2017, however majority of them was deployed earlier in Production as it is visible in the maintenance area. Here only the freshly deployed changes are documented.

Improved usability when adding a location in a TT

When user adds new operation point to the timetable PCS copies the parameters automatically from the operation point above. If the new operation point is the first in the timetable, the parameters are copied from the operation point below the other. In case the new operation point belongs to the same IM, PCS copies also the national IM parameters.

Configurable default view when opening a dossier

When user opens a dossier in PCS he is directed to Basic data view by default. Users should be allowed to customize via Personal settings which information they would like to see first e.g. IM timetable or RU timetable.
'Default dossier view'  was added to the Personal settings.

Dashboard column filter for TTP

User can add the timetable period column to the grid on the dashboard. Formerly it was a “normal” column, but now they can on those columns.

Story Minor 04/04/2017
Minor Release 2017 - Conflict Solving Tool

CST pattern library preparation

  1. Pap request status dropdown
  2. Paging buttons or icons
  3. Empty pap request box
  4. Pap request / new pap colors for the boxes
  5. Stretch boxes to all have the same height
  6. Possibility for checkbox before the icon for pap dossier boxes
  7. Support different (fixed) number of columns for different screen resolutions
    • wide screen with or without side menu
    • tablet
    • big screen
  8. Pattern library refactoring

CST pap request search and presentation

CST Pap request conflict resolution view

CST Pap request handling changes - bulk update of multiple dossiers

CST presentation corrections

  1. At the top we should show the dossier name and it should be the link that opens the dossier in a new tab, similar to the current link with the reference point
  2. The reference point should be part of the general data e.g Reference point: RAJKA
  3. Add the outflow operation point name bellow the feeder
  4. Remove the drag and drop cursor that shows up on top of pap boxes 

CST - Problem with pap distance calculation

Test example from PCS Test 1 (dossier 150226 and 150225 at c7oss). 150226 is correct. 150225

  • K-Value Section: 8970.47
  • K-Value Total Dossier: 9305.27
  • My calculation:
    • SZOB-FERENCVAROS: 31 days x 71.37 km
    • FERENCVAROS-LOEKOESHAZA: 31 days x 218 km
    • LOEKOESHAZA-CURTICI: 31 days x 10.8 km
  • Sum: 31 days x 300.17 km = 9305.27 It’s the same as your Total Dossier value. But then what is the 8970.47?
    In dossier 150226 I could imagine that you put K-Value section value 59 days x 218 km (FERENCVAROS – LOEKOESHAZA) and K Value Total Dossier is the sum with the other PaP section that is not shown with RAJKA – FERENCVAROS

Root cause that has been fixed: The operation points that lack local information are not taken into account in the calculation.

CST style issues

  • The left and right content are on top of each other which shouldn't be the case. (It will stay as that, because it does not look good when they are in one line)
  • The Requested status in the dropdown is always cut to 'Requeste' even though there is enough space for it to grow.
Story Major 04/04/2017
Minor Release 2017 - PAMT

PAMT Search

Specific search that will support the PAMT report export should be implemented

Search criteria

  • Timetable period
  • Train type (just for consistency with other searches, defaults to Cargo for RFC users)
  • PaP ID
  • Direction (same as in PAP search)
  • RFC corridor multiselection
  • RFC dossier type (All, Fix, Flex)
  • Show pap requests
  • Allocation statuses multiselection

Will be added new select Show PAP dossiers that will have following choices: All and With requests only.

  • If All is selected will be shown all Published PAP dossiers for the search criteria
  • If With requests only is selected will be shown only those PAP dossiers that are involved in a request

Search results

  • search results will be shown in a grid in the view similarly organized to the C-OSS dashboard search results with collapsing rows per pap dossier. When expanded they will show the pap requests grouped by dossier.
  • in the search results will be shown only PAP dossiers that have already been used by dossiers (dossiers for which pap requests are created)

PAMT Export

Similar to the Coss Dashboard 'Generate' function there should be one for the PAMT search.

It should include all information that are selected in the results grid including pap dossiers, dossiers that use the selected paps and the respecitve pap requests as in the given example excel file (according to the requirement in the CR).

    Story Major 04/04/2017
    User can set a green light despite not accepting the GTC - Minor Release 2017 - Test Group results - February

    User can set a green light despite not accepting the GTC

    There are dossiers where RU has set acceptance indicators to “green” and there are dossiers that are promoted to Path Request before installation of GTC on pcstest1, so there is no way that GTC were accepted before. 
    But there is problem where system despite of the missing acceptance of GTC, allows you to set green light.

    Bug Critical 04/04/2017
    Improve pdf export to show more locomotive details - Minor Release 2017 - Test group results - February 2017

    Export pdf-file must be modified. In Hamburg Hbf there are two locomotives, but in the pdf-export is shown only that there are two locomotives but not more details (type etc.)

    Bug Major 04/04/2017
    Improve loco type selection field - Minor Release 2017 - Test group results - February 2017

    "After I removed the old loco type and tried to enter a new loco type the drop down menu for the loco type number show either nothing if you click on the arrow or show some information which do not belong to the loco type (see screenshot). It will only be possible to select a loco type number if you enter at least one digit.
    I guess it is a bug."

    Improvement: Now the search works against loco type number and the explanation. Also if there is no results, a message is shown that indicates that there is no results.

    Improvement Major 04/04/2017
    Show message when search returns no loco type number - Minor Release 2017 - Test group results - February 2017

    In Harmonization, i had to put in a loco as RCH. I have tried to find a loco, but PCS doesnt find any loco. It is searching all the time. Not even deleting the loco box helps. 

    Improvement: if there is no results, a message is shown that indicates that there is no results.

    Bug Minor 04/04/2017
    Feeder section trian traction defaults are not filled in - Minor Release 2017 - Test group results - February 2017

    Mandatory traction details were not set as default on the feeder section.

    Bug Major 04/04/2017
    Traction details defaults are missing in the Fix PaP section - Minor Release 2017 - Test group results - February 2017

    Traction details defaults are missing in the Fix PaP section

    Bug Major 04/04/2017
    Not possible to download PAMT report with IE - Minor Release 2017 - Test group results - February 2017

    It is not possible to download "Pamt" with the Internet Explorer. But it is possible with Google Chrome - please check it.

    Bug Major 04/04/2017
    Check and verify calculation of Network PaP K value - Minor Release 2017 - Test group results - February 2017

    "Network PaP K value is not calculated correctly. It should be always equal or lower than the total dossier.
    We don't really understand the calculation behind the K value section in the summary line. It's always bigger than the total dossier, how do we get this?
    When there are only a few days in the calendar, the circulation days are empty. However there should be a mark, even if only one day is selected in the calendar."

    Bug Major 04/04/2017
    Correct warning message for speed constraints - Minor Release 2017 - Test group results - February 2017

    "Speed constraints are OK, but the warning message should be corrected, because at the moment it is contradicting. Instead of ""The value of Max speed must be lower than the Min traction speed"" I suggest to use the following: 
    ""The value of Train max speed must be equal or lower than the Min traction speed."""

    The error message is changed to: 'The value of Train max speed must be equal or lower than the Min traction speed.'

    Improvement Minor 04/04/2017
    When importing loco types, indicate on which line the error happened - Minor Release 2017 - Test group results - February 2017

    "For IMs, when importing loco types with errors in the csv file, the error messages given by PCS are pretty clear.
    However, these error messages don't tell the user at which line the error is located.
    As the files we'll import will be quite big, this feature would be more than useful.
    It's already working like this when importing pre-constructed paths"

    Loco type import improvement: When there is invalid values for loco types, the error message indicates on which line the error happened.

    Improvement Minor 04/04/2017
    Improve field validation when entering loco types - Minor Release 2017 - Test group results - February 2017

    "Creating Loco types manually: There is no limitation in PCS NG regarding Digits."

    Improvement: max length of traction max speed cannot be greater than 3 digits.

    Improvement Minor 04/04/2017
    Improve navigation usability when editing train parameters - Minor Release 2017 - Test group results - February 2017

    Comment: "Editing train parameters and going back to timetable (also during testing) it should be possible to change directly and not via "RU timetable" and also probably choosing the correct subsuídiary."

    What should be done:

    • Add a back button to train parameters view. When the button is clicked the user should be redirected to the selected timetable.
    • Also when the user clicks Cancel he should be redirected to the selected timetable. (see screenshot)

    Improvement Minor 04/04/2017
    Improve usability when editing the calendar - Minor Release 2017 - Test group results - February 2017

    "Possibilty editing calendar via ""year"": choosing 2017 - all datas will be deleted 2017 AND 2018, choosing 2018 - all dates wil be deleted 2017 AND 2018.
    Requested behavior: 2017 - only 2017 will be deleted, 2018 - only 2018 will be deleted."

    Improvement: "year" selection selects/deselects only the days of the year.

    Improvement Minor 04/04/2017
    Add confirmation prompt when attempting to delete loco type - Minor Release 2017 - Test group results - February 2017

    Improvement: added confirmation dialog for loco type delete action.

    Improvement Minor 04/04/2017
    Improve usability when adding dossier level parameters - Minor Release 2017 - Test group results - February 2017

    I have created a Dossier with RFC7 PaPs and wrote down all Parameters. After that I have made an austrian feeder (Voest Alpine), but the System delete the IM Parameters in all austrian Operation Points.

    Improvement: When new ru-im pair is added, if there is an existing coss ru-im pair that is same as the new one, the dossier level parameters are copied to the newly added pair.

    Improvement Minor 04/04/2017
    Wrong label above observation type checkboxes - Minor Release 2017 - Test group results - February 2017

    "advanced search for dossiers in post processing
    type of observations are shown in the result view
    if select ""dossiers with NO observations""is not shown in the filtered column
    it just shows column header""Observations"" and in the row below ""no items to display""
    improvement of the visualisation of the selected filters would be welcome"

    Improvement: The text of the label is changed to "Observation types".

    Improvement Minor 04/04/2017
    Timetable combinations - detailed main case - Minor Release 2017 - Test group results - February 2017

    Dossier id: 144982 (in production)
    In IM-TT there are for the stretch of DB Netz 2 combinations:
    1. in the main, valid for the whole year and
    2. in the sub, valid from 15.12.2016 to 5.8.2017.

    In the view TT combination there is now only one combination. For the correct splitting TT combinations should contain 2 combinations:
    1. valid from 15.12.2016 to 5.8.2017 (in this combination you can recognize that for german stretch dobble TT (Main+Sub) is containing)
    2. TT valid from 6.8.2017 to 7.12.2016.

    So, the system should automatically split TT in combinations when TT validity period/ running days are different.

    Bug Major 04/04/2017
    Responsible RU agency in IM timetable

    Currently we are facing problems in some cases to resolve the responsible RU agency for path sections in the IM timetable. This leads to issues with resolving pairs for path sections which then have consequences in resolving path section IM parameters and potentially some other problems especially in PA process.

    For reference: Path section model -> TrasseElementModel

    Currently we rely on a complex algorithm that retrieves all RU and IM timetables and tries to resolve responsible RU by comparing them. The agencyId field in the path section model represents a responsible RU in RU timetables and responsible IM in IM timetables that creates additional ambiguity.

    We would like to introduce new fields responsibleRuAgencyId and responsibleImAgencyId.

    Responsible RU agency
    There is already transient responsibleRuAgencyId field in the path section model. It should be instead kept in the database and maintained throughout the process in both RU and IM timetables. Presentation on the GUI in the IM timetable:

    Responsible RU in the IM timetable

    Responsible IM agency
    In the path section model now we have a transient field imAgencyResponsibleForOP. This may deffer from the agencyId in IM timetables because of the 'Change of responsible IM' feature. This means that the IM responsible for the path section is different from the IM responsible of the operation point of the path section. This transient field should stay with the purpose of not having to always retrieve the responsible IM for the operation point if needed for example on UI it is still shown under the operation point name, while the potentially different responsible IM is shown on the side in the path section blocks.

    New database (respectivly in the model) fields:

    • responsible_ru_agency_id: in RU timetable the leading RU chooses the responsible RU agency for each path section so the difference would now be that this value will be stored in the database
    • responsible_im_agency_id: will be filled according to the selected operation point and left empty if one is not selected (or maybe we can try to fill it according to previous/next path sections?). Have in mind that a dossier that still has empty operation points cannot be promoted to Path Request. Consequently at the moment of creation of the IM timetables we should have both new fields filled for all path sections.

    The question is how to maintain the responsibleRuAgencyId throughout the process in IM timetable.
    Actions to consider:

    • IM adds a path section: in this case both responsibleRuAgencyId and responsibleImAgencyId should be set according to the block in which they are added by looking at previous/next path section.
    • IM changes responsible IM agency for a path section: here it is clear that the new value will be stored in the new responsibleImAgencyId, the question is should the same responsibleRuAgencyId remain the same or change to the RU responsible in the block that now the path sections belongs to by looking at previous/next path section? Like this we might even be able to allow entering path section IM parameters as that pair should already exist in the dossier it should never be a new pair and we can resolve it unambiguously.
    Story Major 04/04/2017
    Search for dossiers with observations

    Observations column should be added in the dashboard search results. In phases Observations and Post-processing there will be a special filter option under Show only allowing to filter by observation type. This is because of limitation of filtering for the grid component, it cannot apply filters to columns that have multiple values which is the case with Observations that can have multiple types. There will be also an option to filter out the dossiers that have no observations at all. The purpose is to use these option for easier bulk acceptance/promotion.

    Story Major 04/04/2017
    Deadline Promotion Path Consulting Conference -> Path Study Elaboration Conference was not executed successfully

    16/01/2017 at 23:59 (limit for placing feasibility study requests for timetable 2018):
    Automatically switching all dossiers which are in Path Consulting Conference to Conference – applicants lights must be green or at least yellow.

    17/01/2017 at 23:59: Automatically switching all dossiers in Path Consulting Conference to Harmonisation if at least one applicant’s light is red of or blue.

    • Note: The deadline of 8/15 days of no activity causing an automatic transfer from Path Consulting Conference to Harmonisation is switched off from 11/12/2016 until 18/01/2017 and it is switched on again after 18/01/2017.
    Bug Major 17/01/2017
    The results in recent activity should be sorted according to the last change date in descending order

    Request from FTE A Conference:

    The results in recent activity should be sorted according to the last change date in descending order as default.

    Improvement Minor 17/01/2017
    Dossier basic data - IM details full text

    Request from FTE A Conference:

    If there is a long text entered in IM details in read only mode you can't see the whole text and the scroll option is disabled. The full text should shown on hover or allow scrolling.

    Improvement Minor 17/01/2017
    Network pap search improvements

    Few remarks since last year:

    • “first” & “last” classes missing for the first/last path-section element of a timetable (so the line continue before/after the first/last circle)
    • pre-select Published as well – I had trouble finding my network paps, and since there are not a huge amount of results, maybe it’s better to display all of the network paps both in path elaboration and the published ones
    • on edit, the button should be “save” instead of “create” network pap
    • I add network pap in 2017, it takes me to pap search with 2016 selected… should be the same year.
    • I create a new network pap and it takes me to “pap search” showing the message - no results matched your search. It should take me to the network pap page where my network pap was created/edited. It might be ok even to sort the grid with the newest on top, if possible.
    Improvement Minor 09/02/2017
    Include PaP ID field in quick search
    • extend Quick Search to work with PaP ID
    • add new column in dashboard that will hold value of PaP ID/Catalogue ID: "PaP ID/Catalogue ID"
    Improvement Minor 09/02/2017 2017012387000065
    Copy Parameters - warning message auto-hides but doesn't dissaper Improvement Minor 09/02/2017
    (Web Services) Infrabel: An Exception occurs on updateDossier request
    2017-01-25 21:25:34,315 | ajp-nio- |              | ERROR | BaseRequestHandler                  | Cannot process the request due to:
            at com.google.common.base.Preconditions.checkState(Preconditions.java:158)
            at com.netcetera.pcs.workflowobject.domain.model.DossierContainerStructureValidator.lambda$null$86(DossierContainerStructureValidator.java:124)
            at com.netcetera.pcs.workflowobject.domain.model.DossierContainerStructureValidator$$Lambda$271/1618273192.accept(Unknown Source)
            at java.util.ArrayList.forEach(ArrayList.java:1249)
            at com.netcetera.pcs.workflowobject.domain.model.DossierContainerStructureValidator.lambda$checkPathSections$87(DossierContainerStructureValidator.java:124)
            at com.netcetera.pcs.workflowobject.domain.model.DossierContainerStructureValidator$$Lambda$270/1658315275.accept(Unknown Source)
            at java.util.ArrayList.forEach(ArrayList.java:1249)
            at com.netcetera.pcs.workflowobject.domain.model.DossierContainerStructureValidator.checkPathSections(DossierContainerStructureValidator.java:124)
            at com.netcetera.pcs.workflowobject.domain.model.DossierContainerStructureValidator.validateRuImPairBasedDossier(DossierContainerStructureValidator.java:91)
            at com.netcetera.pcs.workflowobject.domain.model.DossierContainerStructureValidator.validate(DossierContainerStructureValidator.java:47)


    • Responsible RUs are not resolved when user adds more than one path section
    Bug Major 09/02/2017 2017012587000052
    (RNE admin) Production only agencies to Train composition

    After the deploy of the fix production-only agencies can be also selected in the admin field of the passenger train composition.

    Improvement Minor 09/02/2017
    Traction details should be prefilled in new dossier wizard when copying PaPs into dossier

    Traction details (type and group) are set to default value also when the user starts dossire creation with PaP selection.

    Improvement Minor 09/02/2017
    Web services - loco type operations

    1. Web services - loco type operations (initial commit for update loco type number)
    2. Web services - loco type operations (update dossier if there are only changes on trasse element children)
    3. Web services - loco type operations (handling of loco types in getDossier operation)

    Loco types should be recognized by the loco type number when send as text field in the web service request.

    In first phase we could reuse the error code for invalid common train parameter for cases when the loco type number is not recognized. For the Major release we should introduce a special error code.



    • If loco type number is entered, then PCS try to resolve defined loco type for entered loco type number, responsible IM agency and ttp id
      • if loco type is not resolved error code UNKNOWN_LOCO_TYPE_NUMBER is returned
      • if loco type is resolved and train cc system id is entered then
        • check if given train cc system id is defined, if not defined return error code UNKNOWN_TRAIN_CC_SYSTEM
        • check if entered train cc system id belongs to loco type, if false return error code UNKNOWN_TRAIN_CC_SYSTEM
      • validate loco type inter-dependencies (min traction speed in terms of the max speed and min traction speed in terms of the planned speed), if not valid return error code INVALID_TRAIN_PARAMETER_VALUE
    Improvement Critical 21/03/2017 ,
    Dangerous goods indicator cut off in PDF export Bug Minor 21/03/2017 2017031587000059
    CST presentation corrections

    Fix: show dossier name, outflow name, reference point in dossier summary

    Improvement Minor 21/03/2017
    CST presentation corrections (2)
    1. At the top we should show the dossier name and it should be the link that opens the dossier in a new tab, similar to the current link with the reference point 
    2. The reference point should be part of the general data e.g Reference point: RAJKA 
    3. Add the outflow operation point name bellow the feeder 
    4. Remove the drag and drop cursor that shows up on top of pap boxes 
    Improvement Minor 21/03/2017
    IM area empty in PDF export Bug Minor 21/03/2017 2017031387000044
    Responsible RU shown in IM TT Improvement Major 21/03/2017 2017020687000051