RNE PCS Maintenance Table

Title Issue type Priority Taken in Patch Release System OTRS ticket nr.
PCS EC Sprint 58
KeyBrief descriptionIssuer type
RNE014-3669PaP dossier issue:
- Dossier: 222000; user:vpe
  Use case: add a new sub-path and after that edit the calendar of already existing sub-path with PaP
  Problem: This case was handled in the same way as the adding of a new sub-path. As a result of that, this "new" sub-path had the same calendar as subpath with PaP. When calendar switching was applied, the calendar of sub-path with PaP became empty and was removed and a new tailor-made sub-path was created. -> fixed 
- Dossier: 221532; user: sncf-r
  Use case: add a new sub-path and after that edit the calendar of already existing sub-path with PaP (add additional days + cut some of the days)
  Problem: Adding of additional days resulted in triggering combined PaP. Also, this case was handled on the same way as adding of new sub-path
  (whereas template was used previously added sub-path). As a result of that, we get a sub-path where the route was the same as the one that was created before this action and the calendar switch was applied on the sub-path with PaP. -> fixed 
RNE014-3668Partial harmonization:
Máté: I received a remark from Freddy for the partial offers. He says that after Infrabel triggered partial offer, when he logged with the RU, he could change the light also in the pair with Path Elaboration.

Tested dossier: https://pcstest1.rne.eu/pcs/#/app/dossier/218163/control
dossier id: 218163; user: infrabel/railtraxx (test1)
The dossier has the following structure:
T1: RailTraxx/Prorail (Path Elaboration)
T2: RailTraxx/Infrabel (Observation)
T3: Lineas/Infrabel (Observation)
RNE014-3675Partial harmonization - Delete a sub-path not working:
Ticket info: https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;Ticke...
dossier: 222239; user: sncf-r
There was an error for partially harmonized dossiers on path section removal and sub-path removal when check for NPR dossiers in PE or PP was performed (dossier status and process type should be resolved from responsible pair of the selected territory, not from dossier state).
08/07/2020 , , ,
PCS EC Sprint 57
KeyBrief descriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3612]"Clear PaP capacity" error for RU userBug
[RNE014-3614]Container profile is not visible in the read-only viewBug
[RNE014-3646]PA/PM - validity period of new sub-paths for dossiers with TTP that has not started yetImprovement
[RNE014-3647]Comparison issuesImprovement
[RNE014-3046]Dashboard view - custom filter for observationsStory
[RNE014-3582]Partial Harmonization - false partial harmonization requestsStory
[RNE014-3588][UX] -  Highlight selected labelStory
[RNE014-3505]Promotions - trigger as adminStory
[RNE014-3666]Mail template for acceptance indicators downgradeBug
01/07/2020 , , ,
PCS EC Sprint 56
KeyBrief descriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3541]Different calendar between PV and SP viewBug
[RNE014-3581]WS - Resolve existing used catalog data without the PaP request-id propertyBug
[RNE014-3561]Comparison -  Enhance path variant/sub-path selectionStory
[RNE014-3562]Comparison - Add info about the running days on the back-endStory
[RNE014-3563]Comparison - indicate path-variants/sub-paths that have common running days on the back-endStory
[RNE014-3564]Comparison - create selectors instead of servicesStory
[RNE014-3565]Comparison - show with common running days option on front-endStory
[RNE014-3567]Comparison - Calculate missing and extra running daysStory
[RNE014-3568]Comparison - common running daysStory
[RNE014-3572]PA/PM - Editing of sub-paths with a validity period is the futureImprovement
[RNE014-3580]Comparison improvementsStory
19/06/2020 , , ,
PCS EC Sprint 55
KeyBrief descriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3547]Alternative origin in the first territoryBug
[RNE014-3558]An alternative origin is set to falseBug

Used Catalogue Data in web services: in order users to be able to determinate the type of used PaP dossier we added catalogue_dossier_type and catalogue_process_type in UsedCatalogueData element. Also we removed optional and not used fields: corridor_catalogue_id, origin_corridor_catalogue_id, origin_catalogue_te_id.

[RNE014-3528]Excel Importer: this was the last piece of PCS that was still running on the NG version. Now, it’s re-developed with the same functionalityImprovements
Bug Major 03/06/2020 , , ,
PCS EC Sprint 54
KeyBrief descriptionIssue type
[RNE014-2786]Master data Operation points related Get operationsStory
[RNE014-3504]Promotions - search modelStory
[RNE014-3513]UI/UX ImprovementsImprovements
[RNE014-3496]Path variant running on last day of TTP - calendar watermark is empty
Ticket link: https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;Ticke...
[RNE014-3545]Handling of TSI Variant in Train Id.
Ticket link: https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;Ticke...
[RNE014-3515]IM receive mail notifications for Closed dossiers from Open/HarmonizationBug
20/05/2020 , , ,
PCS EC Sprint 53
KeyBrief descriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3173] Parameters in error messages not replacedStory
[RNE014-3485]Advanced search - check participants fieldBug
[RNE014-3487] Pap request details - missing checkboxBug
[RNE014-3488]Train parameters change for dossier archivesStory
[RNE014-3490]The Path Variant has conflicts is always visibleBug
[RNE014-3494]  False notification for downgrade of accept. indicators due to a border changeBug
[RNE014-3495]Tailor-made status changes for incorrect pap requestsBug
[RNE014-3497] Send notifications for calendar inconsistencies only in case of accep. indicators downgradeStory
[RNE014-3510]Sent mails asynchronousStory
[RNE014-2549] Agencies reload admin optionsStory
[RNE014-3478]PDF Export - Participating agenciesStory
[RNE014-3479]PDF Export - Common train parametersStory
[RNE014-3480] PDF Export - Path section IM parametersStory
[RNE014-3500] PDF Export - improvementsStory
Major 01/05/2020 , , ,
PCS EC Sprint 52
KeyBrief descriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3444]Downgrading affected neighbors in PABug
[RNE014-3484]Switch to LPR shown for IM usersBug
Bug Major 15/04/2020 , , ,
PCS EC Sprint 51
KeyBrief descriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3442] Advanced search not showing results when RFC is selectedBug
[RNE014-3469]Train parameter changes - errorBug
[RNE014-3476]Wrong territory color in PDF exportsBug
[RNE014-3477]Show last name instead of user name in comments Bug
[RNE014-3403]Calendar ComparisonStory
[RNE014-3455]Check requested capacity vs available capacityStory
[RNE014-3461]Child IM parameters not visible to C-OSS usersBug
[RNE014-3470]Comparison improvementsImprovement
[RNE014-3471]Reserve Alternative - Path variant messageImprovement
Major 15/04/2020 , , ,
PCS EC Sprint 50
KeyBrief descriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3451]ACL of leading RU for the part where a non-PCS agency is responsibleBug
[RNE014-3456]The month in deadline filters has wrong valueBug
[RNE014-3458]Wrong calendar day colors for IM and C-OSS for catalogsBug
[RNE014-3460]Assign unique ids for sub-path and path sections in pap selection wizardBug
[RNE014-3462]Something went wrong error in dossier 221518 & 222259 when adding another PaPBug
[RNE014-3463]Hide drafts with PaPs from the draft selectionBug
[RNE014-3465]Wrong running days in weekly/offset viewBug
[RNE014-3443]IM editing of reserved capacity via Web servicesBug
Bug Major 09/04/2020 , ,
PCS EC Sprint 49
KeyBrief descriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3420]Comparison works only for the first territoryImprovement
[RNE014-3426]ACL rules in the copy times componentImprovement
[RNE014-3429]Combined PaP - Train parameters are missingImprovement
[RNE014-3431]Cannot clear capacity of a PaP if catalog path number is presentImprovement
[RNE014-3433]Agency Notifications - Invalid column nameImprovement
[RNE014-3434]Train parameters are empty - update subpathImprovement
[RNE014-3436]Combined PaP - Calendar issuesImprovement
[RNE014-3439]Pap Request details - select all buttonImprovement
[RNE014-3440]Switch to LPR is shown for passenger dossier in Feasibility StudyImprovement
[RNE014-3445]Prepare a task that will find dossiers with calendar inconsistenciesBug
[RNE014-3437]Order corridors by corridor nameImprovement
Improvement Major 07/04/2020 , ,
PCS EC Sprint 48
KeyBrief descriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3368] Avoid overlapping days in combined papBug
[RNE014-3387] Fix parameter changes resolutionBug
[RNE014-3390] Scheduled executors restartBug
Bug Major 25/03/2020 ,
PCS EC Sprint 47
KeyBried descriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3370] An Exception occurs when sort of loco idents is performedBug
[RNE014-3279] PA/PM dossiers - exclude calendar consistency check for dossiers created before go-liveImprovement
[RNE014-3365]  Not authorized error when adding sub-path for dossier ID: 220599Bug
Bug Major 16/03/2020 , ,
PCS EC Sprint 46
KeyBried descriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3342][Maint] Train and path numbers on flex PaP's are not editableBug
[RNE014-2686]Mediation protocol interceptorStory
[RNE014-3348][Maint] Wrong inserting of new location into existing sub-pathBug
[RNE014-3349][Maint] PaP inserting error for dossier 221197Bug
Bug Major 04/03/2020 , ,
PCS EC Sprint 45
KeyBried descriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3310] WS update fails for missing resp IM agencyBug
[RNE014-3343] [Maint] Overlapping days in Path ModificationBug
[RNE014-3339] Error while creating PDF exportBug
Bug Major 26/02/2020 , ,
PCS EC Sprint 44
KeyBried descriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3312]GTC - list of used corridors by RU for selected TTPStory
[RNE014-3314]Insert PaP in existing sub-path - false combined PaPStory
[RNE014-3326]Cannot send the dossier to PM Offer - Invalid validity periodBug
[RNE014-3333]PCS shall not create overlapping days in combined papBug
Story Major 07/02/2020 ,
PCS EC Sprint 43
KeyBrief descriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3255] [Dev] Create module for PDF ExportStory
[RNE014-3256] [Dev] PDF Export - Basic data componentStory
[RNE014-3257] [Dev] PDF Export - Territories componentStory
[RNE014-3258] [Dev] PDF Export - Train compositions componentStory
[RNE014-3259] [Dev] PDF Export - Architecture for the blocking pdf export solutionStory
[RNE014-3260] [Dev] PDF Export - Generate PDF via pcs-pdf-serviceStory
[RNE014-3262] [UX] PDF Export - adjust the styles for the printout of the dossierStory
[RNE014-3275] [Dev] PDF Export - catalogue dossiers issuesStory
[RNE014-3276] [Dev] PDF Export - Show export button only when viewing latest dossier versionStory
[RNE014-3057] [Dev] Copy from template does not show any resultsBug
[RNE014-3158] [Dev] Bulk promotions search - duplicated target promotionsBug
[RNE014-3264] [Dev] Grid - fix annoying issuesBug
[RNE014-3270] [Dev] Invalid loco type number when copying train parametersBug
[RNE014-3271] [Dev] The archive version is not loaded in some casesBug
[RNE014-3161] [Dev] Close dossier transition commentStory
[RNE014-3174] [Dev] Push-Pull train field is not copiedBug
[RNE014-3251] [Dev] RUs should see only available days (now we show published days)Story
[RNE014-3252] [Dev] Always show activity typesStory
[RNE014-2952] [Dev] Names of dossiers in Composite relations should be linksStory
[RNE014-3283] [Maint] Web Services Infrabel RC=273Bug
Story Major 09/01/2020 ,
PCS EC Sprint 42
KeyBrief descriptionIssue type
RNE0143198  [UX] Cross-browser style issuesBug
RNE0143224 [Dev] Revise ACL rules for involved COSS agencies in Catalogue dossiersBug
RNE0143231 [Dev] Start Path Modification process backendStory
RNE0143232  [Dev] Start Path Modification process frontendStory
RNE0143237 [Dev] Start Path Alteration process backendStory
RNE0143238 [Dev] Start Path Alteration process frontendStory
RNE0143242 [UX] Start of PA/PM ProcessStory
RNE0143233 [Dev] Implement Condition for new sub paths with validity period in the pastStory
RNE0143234 [Dev] Restore the calendar from origin subpathsStory
RNE0143235 [Dev] PA/PM Timetable viewStory
RNE0143236 [Dev] Adjust ACL rules for PA/PM processStory
RNE0143239 [Dev] PA/PM WorkflowStory
RNE0143240 [Dev] Mark pair as affected from controlStory
RNE0143241 [Dev] Mark neighbors as affectedStory
RNE0143243 [UX] PA/PM Process IconsStory
RNE0143119 Select location width in train compositionImprovement
Story Major 17/12/2019 , , ,
PCS EC Sprint 41
Key      Brief descriptionIssue type
RNE014-3119    Select location width in train composition Improvement
RNE014-3198    [UX] Cross-browser style issuesBug
RNE014-3210    Dump from prod to pcstest3 for passenger RU trainingStory
RNE014-3224    [Dev] Revise ACL rules for involved COSS agencies in Catalogue dossiers Bug
RNE014-3226    [Dev] PA/PM process in EC Structure - placeholder Story
RNE014-3227    [UX] PA/PM Process in EC Structure - placeholderStory
RNE014-3228    [Dev] RE: PDF Export Story
RNE014-3231    [Dev] Start Path Modification process - backendStory
RNE014-3232    [Dev] Start Path Modification process - frontend Story
RNE014-3233    [Dev] Implement Condition for new sub-paths with validity period in the past         Story
RNE014-3234    [Dev] Restore the calendar from origin sub-pathsStory
RNE014-3235    [Dev] PA/PM Timetable view Story
RNE014-3236    [Dev] Adjust ACL rules for PA/PM process Story
RNE014-3237    [Dev] Start Path Alteration process - backendStory
RNE014-3238    [Dev] Start Path Alteration process - frontendStory
RNE014-3239    [Dev] PA/PM WorkflowStory
RNE014-3240    [Dev] Mark pair as affected from controlStory
RNE014-3241    [Dev] Mark neighbors as affectedStory
RNE014-3242    [UX] Start of PA/PM ProcessStory
RNE014-3243    [UX] PA/PM Process IconsStory
RNE014-3244    [UX] RE: PDF Export Story
RNE014-3245  Switch view in path variants not workingBug
RNE014-3246 [Dev] Carry forward of path section IM Parameters Bug
RNE014-3247 [Dev] Adding new sub-path copies train parameters shifted by one path-sectionBug
RNE014-3248 [Dev] Editing of basic data and agencies is not allowed after promotion Bug
RNE014-3249[Dev] PA/PM - Editing of Calendar  Story
Story Major 29/11/2019 , ,
PCS EC Sprint 40
Key      Brief descriptionIssue type
RNE014-2532    [Dev] Traffic period selection     Story
RNE014-2537    [Dev] Traffic periods      Story
RNE014-2578 [Dev] Filters reorder      Story
RNE014-2594    [UX] Administration - Traffic periods       Story
RNE014-2747    [Dev] Show RUs when copying train parameters in wizards         Bug
RNE014-2749    [Dev] Confirmation dialog for delete all dossier drafts action        Bug
RNE014-3047[Dev] Grid selection - all pages/only this page     Story
RNE014-3124    [Dev] New user variant with existing sections      Improvement
RNE014-3132RE for Path Modification & Path Alteration Process       Story
RNE014-3159    [Dev] Edit user label      Story
RNE014-3165    [Dev] Create TT2021 on all systems      Story
RNE014-3196[Dev] Menu items counters - dossier viewsStory
RNE014-3197    [Dev] Grid component - setting column width Story
RNE014-3200    [Dev] Flex PaP - PaP constraints issues Bug
RNE014-3209    [Dev] Feasibility study - do not clear times  Story
RNE014-3211   Open TTP 2021 in prodStory
RNE014-3213    [UX] Path Modification & Path Alteration ProcessStory
RNE014-3215[Dev] Resolvers And Handlers For Traffic periodsStory
RNE014-3216[Dev] View For Traffic periodsStory
RNE014-3217[Dev] Edit View For Traffic periodsStory
RNE014-3218[UX] Confirmation dialog for delete all dossier drafts actionBug
RNE014-3221[Dev] Wrong subpath number in path variants after sub-path is deletedBug
RNE014-3225[Dev] Update of agency parameters with more than 1000 valid valuesBug
Story Major 15/11/2019 , ,
PCS EC Sprint 39
Jira NoBrief DescriptionIssue type
[RNE014-3066]   Hide Path Variants tab for Catalogue dossiers                                        Bug
[RNE014-3067]   ACL issues for train composition                                                             Bug
[RNE014-3080]   Carry forward not showing IM parameters step in some cases                 Bug
[RNE014-3101]   Label improvementsBug
[RNE014-3162]   Mandatory parameters style issue in read-onlyBug
[RNE014-3168]   Browser back navigation issues in the dossier viewBug
[RNE014-3181]   Acceptance indicator authorization error in the Acceptance phaseBug
[RNE014-3184]   Train cc system is duplicated on a previewBug
[RNE014-3185]   You cannot update multi-select parameter Bug
[RNE014-3186]   When removing a condition-dependent parameter only the parent parameter is removedBug
[RNE014-3191]   PaP - Change catalog dossier type on path section levelBug
[RNE014-3194]   Missing ACL rules when new path section is addedBug
[RNE014-2424]   Common mandatory parametersStory
[RNE014-2522]   PaP selection wizard - delete dossier draft after creationStory
[RNE014-2542]   Manage filters visibility and email subscriptionsStory
[RNE014-3044]   Dashboard view - mark as read/unread optionStory
[RNE014-3140]   Delete user filtersStory
[RNE014-3141]   Delete user labelStory
[RNE014-3146]   Labels share optionStory
[RNE014-3201]   Manual capacity returning RFC7Story
[RNE014-3208]   Operation points updateStory
Story Major 03/11/2019 , ,
PCS EC Sprint 38

 Jira No                  Brief description

RNE014-2545    [Dev] User profile and personal settings    
RNE014-3060    [Dev] New subpath with an empty calendar cannot be edited    
RNE014-3063    [Dev] Basic data does not show up for catalog dossiers    
RNE014-3079    [Dev] IM Parameters - Default parameter not taken into account    
RNE014-3108    [Dev] Deleting common train params values   
RNE014-3112    [Dev] Validation of Applicant path in the wizard (min 2 path sections per territory)    
RNE014-3128    Copy inverse issue in train composition    
RNE014-3142    [UX] Grid styling issues    Improvement    
RNE014-3153    Path variants are not loading for the carry-forwarded dossier    
RNE014-3160    [UX] Copy dossier styling issues    
RNE014-3163    [Dev] When adding territory in the sub-paths step, dossier level parameters are lost.    
RNE014-3164    [Dev] The system allows having duplicate consecutive territories    
RNE014-3166    [Dev] IM parameters copy to next TTP issues    
RNE014-3167    [Dev] Path variants not calculated correctly in Dossier wizard    
RNE014-3169    [Dev] Sub-path changes are not updated    
RNE014-3170    [Dev] Dossier level parameters are lost after adding user variant in the wizard   
RNE014-3171    [Dev] Path variants are not calculated correctly when adding user variant with paps    
RNE014-3187    [Dev] Cannot apply calendar in the wizard when new territory is added    
RNE014-3192    [Dev] Improve grid performances    

Bug Major 21/10/2019
PCS EC Sprint 37

 Jira No                  Brief description

RNE014-2378     [Dev] Copy Dossier 
RNE014-2574     [Dev] Advanced search query changes for COSS pairs 
RNE014-2743     Arrival time not editable 
RNE014-2926     Archive revisit usage of XML format Improvement 
RNE014-3045    [Dev] Dashboard view - custom filter for labels 
RNE014-3077    [Dev] Multiple-choice list is not working for newly created IM parameters 
RNE014-3096    [Dev] EC production-ready - security issues 
RNE014-3098    [Dev] Check auto capacity returning 
RNE014-3109    [Dev] Applicant path is lost in the PaP wizard 
RNE014-3110    [Dev] Pap request status change not possible 
RNE014-3113    [Dev] Hide buttons for features that are not implemented 
RNE014-3115    [UX] Grid styling issues 
RNE014-3117    Close dossier 
RNE014-3118    TSI variant ID presentation wrong in Path Variant view 
RNE014-3120    Wrong validity period of new sub-path 
RNE014-3122    Save button creates a new empty path section 
RNE014-3125    Wrong legend in PaP dossier calendar 
RNE014-3133    Support e-mail option 
RNE014-3134    PCS Documentation link 
RNE014-3135    [Dev] Show filter criteria in the Dashboard 
RNE014-3136    [Dev] Show selected labels in the Dashboard 
RNE014-3139    [UX] Show filter criteria in the Dashboard 
RNE014-3143    [UX] Styling issues Improvement 
RNE014-3145    [Dev] Filters share option 
RNE014-3147    [Dev] Error message is not shown when user login fails 
RNE014-3148    [Dev] User is unable to log in after logout from IM timetable view 
RNE014-3149    [UX] Share labels and filters 
RNE014-3150    [Dev] Filter name validation 
RNE014-3151    [Dev] Different bitfield size in prod 
RNE014-3152    [Dev] Partner's dossier level param open for editing in Harmonization 
RNE014-3155    [Dev] Change passwords 
RNE014-3156    [Dev] Train parameters blocking the Path Variants step 

Story Major 04/10/2019
PCS EC Sprint 23

       Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-2360 - [Dev] Train Information
  2. RNE014-2567 - [Dev] Alternative offer wizard
  3. RNE014-2707  - [Dev] Train composition (Passenger dossiers) - frontend - read-only mode
  4. RNE014-2708  - Child/parent entity ids check-in validators
  5. RNE014-2709  - [Dev] Train composition (Passenger dossiers) - hide/show columns
  6. RNE014-2715 - TB presentation and demo prep
  7. RNE014-2721 - [Dev] COSS Timetable editing - ACL rules
  8. RNE014-2727 - [Dev] Calendar item wrong length
  9. RNE014-2732 - Additional EC schema changes
  10. RNE014-2739 - PaPs reordering not possible
  11. RNE014-2755 - Update dossier operation switch calendar
  12. RNE014-2760  - [Dev] Alternative offer wizard - initial setup
  13. RNE014-2761  - [Dev] Alternative offer wizard - implement pap search
  14. RNE014-2762  - [Dev] Alternative offer wizard - alternative offer preview
Story Major 11/03/2019
PCS EC Sprint 24

       Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-2296    [DEV] Copy times - prepare copy options data from the backend
  2. RNE014-2364    [Dev] Connections 
  3. RNE014-2520    [Dev] Control - links to edit views
  4. RNE014-2566    [Dev] Workflow for dossiers with PaPs
  5. RNE014-2640    [Dev] Connections Train ID
  6. RNE014-2730    Add possibility to remove whole PAP
  7. RNE014-2757    [UX] Passenger Train Composition - styling issues
  8. RNE014-2758    Documentation site and migration guide update
  9. RNE014-2764    [Dev] Alternative offer wizard - validation rules
  10. RNE014-2772    [Dev] Acceptance stays green even when there are validation errors
  11. RNE014-2775    [Dev] Default traction mode not set
  12. RNE014-2777    [Dev] Do not show path id in the wizard for subpaths
  13. RNE014-2793 *    [DEV] Copy times - placeholder
Story Major 25/03/2019
PCS EC Sprint 25

       Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-2308    [Dev] Outline integration - geography
  2. RNE014-2312    [Dev] Mandatory open
  3. RNE014-2321    [Dev] Outline model and service on backend
  4. RNE014-2324    [Dev] Adjust the model on frontend to the real model from backend
  5. RNE014-2753    Create dossier operation
  6. RNE014-2773   [Dev] Copy params when there are multiple subpaths doesn't seem to work
  7. RNE014-2788   [UX] Conflict resolution view
  8. RNE014-2789   [UX] Connections Train ID
  9. RNE014-2794   [DEV] Copy times - Adapt the UI component and display the copy options data
  10. RNE014-2795   [DEV] Copy times - Update the timetable and recalculate running days
  11. RNE014-2797   [UX] Add possibility to remove whole PAP
  12. RNE014-2800   [Dev] Outline integration - calendar
  13. RNE014-2801   [Dev] Sub-path creation with calendar - wizard
  14. RNE014-2802   [Dev] Territory creation with calendar - wizard
  15. RNE014-2804    Update progress status operation
Story Major 08/04/2019
PCS EC Sprint 26

       Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-2322    [Dev] Alternative origin/destination part of main route - backend
  2. RNE014-2323    [UX] Fix outline on top
  3. RNE014-2349    [Dev] Sub-paths comparison service
  4. RNE014-2350    [Dev] Sub-path compare view and general UI components
  5. RNE014-2351    [Dev] Path variants comparison service
  6. RNE014-2353   [Dev] Selection of agency type and sub-path or path variant respectively depending on the view
  7. RNE014-2433   [UX] copy times to sub-paths in a territory
  8. RNE014-2649   [Dev] Move compare component to path-section folder and dossier shared module
  9. RNE014-2799   [Dev] Outline integration - path variants
  10. RNE014-2803   [Dev] User variant creation with calendar - wizard
  11. RNE014-2813   [Dev] Outline integration - Edit Sub-Path view
  12. RNE014-2814   [Dev] Outline integration - Add Territory view
  13. RNE014-2816   [Dev] Outline integration - Add Sub-Path view
  14. RNE014-2818   [Dev] Territory creation with calendar - wizard
  15. RNE014-2804   [Dev] Expand and collapse on path section blocks doesn't work in read-only mode
  16. RNE014-2819   [Dev] Alternative origin/destination part of main route - frontend
  17. RNE014-2823   Import pcstesttsipilot to pcstest4
  18. RNE014-2824   Deploy EC version on pcstest4
  19. RNE014-2825   Rolling planning process type [EC]
  20. RNE014-2828   [Dev] Integrate Outline in Dossier Wizard
  21. RNE014-2829   [Dev] Integrate Outline in Pap Selection Wizard
  22. RNE014-2830   [Dev] Dossier Wizard - Outline recalculation - Add Territory
  23. RNE014-2831   [Dev] Dossier Wizard - Outline recalculation - Add Sub-Path
  24. RNE014-2832   [Dev] Dossier Wizard - Outline recalculation - Edit Sub-Path
  25. RNE014-2833   [Dev] Sub-path compare - parser for changes
  26. RNE014-2835   Install Java 11 on pcstest3, pcstest4
Story Major 23/04/2019
Archive with missing COSS calendar items

Archive with missing COSS calendar items in decorative elements won't open and pdf was not generated.

COSS timetable calendar items are now appended to decorative elements of the archive.

Bug Major 06/05/2019 , , , ,
Wrong time after withdraw to Harmonization

Concurrency issues were leading to arbitrary changes in unrelated dossiers to arrival or departure times.

Bug Major 06/05/2019 , , , , 2019040887000049
Introducing the Rolling planning process type and workflow

We can select Rolling Planning along with ADHOC and LPR process types in appropriate periods.

Selection starts from X-7.5 for dossier with PaP’s and from X-8 for classical dossiers.

Latest time for path request submission is 1 month before the train runs and earliest 4 months before.


New process type called "Rolling Planning" should be added to PCS.

User should be able to select this process type any time of the year for any timetable period that is available for dossier creation.


Open: phase for LRU as usual

Harmonization: phase for RUs as usual

Path Request (milestone such as for the Ad-hoc): time constraint for submission (see below)

Pre-booking (in case of PaP request): phase for RFCs as usual

Path Elaboration: phase for IMs as usual with the same access as today

Draft Offer (milestone such as for New Path Request):  no time constraint should be applied. The draft offer should be possible at any time.

Observations: phase for RUs with the same access as today in Observations, having there the make Observations function. LRU can close the dossier as today or release post-processing.

Post-processing: phase for IMs as usual. LIM can send Final Offer when all lights are green. LIM can close the dossier

Final Offer:  no time constraint should be applied. The final offer should be possible at any time. Phase for RUs having there the same functionality as in Final Offer phase today. RU can accept the dossier -> Active timetable or it can close the dossier -> Closed

Active timetable: LRU and LIM can close the dossier as today.

PaP request handling: PaPs should be reserved by PCS in a first come first served logic same as today with Late Path Request and Ad-Hoc path request.

Any kind of request (PaP or tailor-made) should be possible only in a limited period of time compared to the first running day:

  • Submission latest 30 days before the train run (same constraint as the PaP publication)
  • Submission earliest 4 months (120 days) before the train run

If the limits are not respected by the user, the send path request option should be disabled with a warning about the mistake.

Changes in the selection of process type

  • active ttp (ex. 2019) add Rolling planning along with the Adhoc types till X-1
  • next ttp (ex. 2020) Rolling planning is enabled for selection from X-8 till X-1
  • selection implemented for X-8 till X-2 LPR -> so far there was no selection as LPR was assumed
  • add to the adhoc selection x-2 till X-1
  • NPR period is still without any selection
Story Major 06/05/2019 , , , ,
PCS EC Sprint 27

       Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-2133    [Dev] Outline integration - create dossier
  2. RNE014-2352    [Dev] Path variants compare view
  3. RNE014-2510   [Dev] Path spliting for cases when the same pair have multiple non-continuous stretches
  4. RNE014-2815    [Dev] Outline integration - Add User Variant view
  5. RNE014-2838    [Dev] Add territory as first
  6. RNE014-2839    [Dev] TSI Variant number in Geography views    
  7. RNE014-2842    [Dev] Add territory view - territory in preview, outline for path variants
  8. RNE014-2846    [Dev] Organize imports on pcs-ec ui
  9. RNE014-2866    [Dev] Dossier Wizard - Outline recalculation - Add User Variant
  10. RNE014-2870    ACL state is not reset when the user navigates away from the dossier view
  11. RNE014-2872    [Dev] Train Parameters Edit (train parameters not loaded)
  12. RNE014-2873    Alternative offer view broken
  13. RNE014-2874    Train parameters - as responsible IM use one from responsible pair
  14. RNE014-2875    Link to history view missing
  15. RNE014-2877    UX issues
  16. RNE014-2878    Add User Variant - Delete Path Section
  17. RNE014-2879    Redirect to dashboard after login
  18. RNE014-2880    Add User Variant - Missing mandatory times
  19. RNE014-2881    [Dev] Missing mandatory train parameters warning    
  20. RNE014-2883    Offsets are not updated after sub path selection is changed
  21. RNE014-2884    Add sub-path - sort order of the new sub-path is not calculated correctly
  22. RNE014-2885    Dossier wizard: Change of validity period is not saved
  23. RNE014-2886    Mandatory train parameter fields are not updated
  24. RNE014-2887    Passenger train composition fixes
Story Major 13/05/2019
PCS EC Sprint 28

       Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-2638    [Dev] Time Qualifier Code - new path section field
  2. RNE014-2841    [Dev] Time Qualifier Code - web services
  3. RNE014-2882    [Dev] Adapt ACL rules for IM, Applicant, COSS timetables and Control for dossier archive
  4. RNE014-2889    [Dev] Outline recalculation - Add User Variant - Path variants
  5. RNE014-2890    [Dev] Jumping territories - finilize
  6. RNE014-2891    [Dev] Outline recalculation - Add sub-path with PAP
  7. RNE014-2893    [Dev] Mandatory parameters warning - include IM parameters in calculation
  8. RNE014-2894    [Dev] Integrate Timetable preview in edit sub-path wizard
  9. RNE014-2896    [Dev] Improve times component
Story Major 27/05/2019
PCS EC Sprint 29

       Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-2366    [Dev] Composite Relations - placeholder task
  2. RNE014-2685    Agency notifications adaptation
  3. RNE014-2876    Path variants are not calculated correctly when offset between arr. and dep.
  4. RNE014-2892    [Dev] Outline recalculation - Edit sub-path with adding a PAP
  5. RNE014-2907    [Dev] TrainId and TsiPathId on path level
  6. RNE014-2908    [Dev] Parameter changes - condensed info view
  7. RNE014-2912    [Dev] Parameter changes comparison service
  8. RNE014-2914    [Dev] Composite Relations - copy dossier service
  9. RNE014-2916    [Dev] Composite Relations - adaptation in domain model    
  10. RNE014-2917    [Dev] Composite Relations - adaptation in presentation model
  11. RNE014-2918    [Dev] Composite Relations - frontend - init setup
  12. RNE014-2919    [Dev] Composite Relations - frontend - adapt composite relation form component
Story Major 10/06/2019
Fix the observation -> Post-processing background promotion

For the Observation to Post processing auto promotion a special check is implemented. It should ensure only dossiers that were switched to Observations until the Draft offer deadline are promoted.                    

Bug Major 26/06/2019 , , , ,
Remove IM timetable write access during Observations/Acceptance phase

Removal of frozen zone.                

Bug Major 26/06/2019 , , , ,
Correction of the execution times for the draft timetable promotions

Correction of the execution times for the draft timetable promotions. The first one happens at 23:00 and the second one at 03:00 on 01.07.2019.      

Bug Major 26/06/2019 , , , ,
[Web Services] (SZDC) 302 due to wrong trasse im params

Now it is possible to enter IM params for an IM different from the one responsible for the operation point via UI or WS. We removed such parameters before (as per RNE014-1233) because at that time any IM could be selected and non-existing pair could have been created with potentially missing dossier level params. Since some time ago we restricted the selection to IM's on the border so a new pair cannot be produced. Consequently, we can now allow entry of the path section params in such cases.

Bug Major 26/06/2019 , , , , 2019061787000055
PCS EC Sprint 30


       Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-2313    [Dev] Parameter changes - placeholder
  2. RNE014-2317    [Dev] Weekly calendar mode in Geography
  3. RNE014-2413    [Dev] Dossier locking and the latest version
  4. RNE014-2524    [Dev] Manual and time zone offset calculation
  5. RNE014-2526    [Dev] Loader behavior change
  6. RNE014-2641    [Dev] Recipient agency ID in the notification service
  7. RNE014-2774    [Dev] Select leading IM in dossier level data in the create wizard
  8. RNE014-2840    [UX] Time Qualifier Code - new time fields
  9. RNE014-2888    [UX] Improve times component
  10. RNE014-2909    [UX] Parameter changes - condensed info view
  11. RNE014-2910    [Dev] Parameter changes - checkbox in Geography
  12. RNE014-2911    [Dev] Parameter changes - checkbox in PathVariants
  13. RNE014-2913    [UX] Composite Relations - view adaptations for EC
  14. RNE014-2920    [Dev] Composite Relations - frontend - composite relation read-only mode
  15. RNE014-2932    [UX] Weekly calendar mode in Geography
  16. RNE014-2933    [Dev] Weekly calendar mode in Path Variants
  17. RNE014-2934    [Dev] Entry of offsets improvements
  18. RNE014-2942    [Dev] Parameter changes improvements
  19. RNE014-2943    [Dev] Not possible to create dossier with two destinations
  20. RNE014-2944    [Dev] Path variants view is broken
  21. RNE014-2947    Error 501 for dossier creation
Story Major 28/06/2019
PCS EC Sprint 31

    Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-2377    [Dev] Carry Forward - placeholder task
  2. RNE014-2441    [UX] Carry Forward
  3. RNE014-2745    Delete territories option?
  4. RNE014-2770    [Dev] Calendar editing - update next territory in coming days
  5. RNE014-2810    [UX] Annotate User Variants in Path Variants view
  6. RNE014-2929    Change the calendar of a User variant
  7. RNE014-2931    [Dev] Annotate User Variants in Path Variants view
  8. RNE014-2935    [Dev] Manual and time zone offset calculation in combined pap
  9. RNE014-2946    [Dev] Feeder not shown in read-only after save
  10. RNE014-2954    [Dev] Grid solution
  11. RNE014-2959    [Dev] Carry Forward - the adaptation of backend service
  12. RNE014-2961    [Dev] Carry Forward - implement the wizard
  13. RNE014-2962    [Dev] Carry Forward - integration with NG search
  14. RNE014-2968    Performance issue pcstest3 - loco types caching
  15. RNE014-2971    Create dossiers with PAPs
Story Major 12/07/2019
PCS EC Sprint 32

Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-2533    [Dev] IM parameter resolvers/handlers
  2. RNE014-2729    Non-PCS identifiers conversion
  3. RNE014-2754    Create Subpath operation
  4. RNE014-2779    Dozer mapping issue for params giving -1 values
  5. RNE014-2780    Use agency params names instead of ids
  6. RNE014-2781    Support for loco type name and id
  7. RNE014-2928    Copy parameters for User Variant
  8. RNE014-2953    [RE] IM editing of reserved capacity
  9. RNE014-2956    [RE] Carry Forward - SRS update
  10. RNE014-2960    [Dev] Carry Forward - 2019 bugs check
  11. RNE014-2977    Notify dossier does not contain a timetable
  12. RNE014-2978    [Dev] Search criteria
  13. RNE014-2979    [Dev] Copy to next timetable
  14. RNE014-2980    [Dev] IM Parameters - delete option
  15. RNE014-2981    [Dev] IM parameter view (search results)
  16. RNE014-2982    [Dev] Domain model refactoring and presentation model
  17. RNE014-2983    [Dev] Grid - Change grids name to ngx-dynamic-grid
  18. RNE014-2984    [Dev] Grid - Update Angular version
  19. RNE014-2985    [Dev] Grid - Change grid structure
  20. RNE014-2988    [Dev] Grid - Performance issues
  21. RNE014-2992    [Dev] Grid - Improve store and create general grid store
  22. RNE014-2993    [UX] Usability testing report
Story Major 26/07/2019
PCS EC Sprint 33

    Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-2534    [Dev] IM parameters editing
  2. RNE014-2535    [Dev] Loco types search
  3. RNE014-2536    [Dev] Loco types create and edit
  4. RNE014-2592    [UX] Administration - IM Parameters
  5. RNE014-2923    Can't submit a partial offer
  6. RNE014-2946    [Dev] Feeder not shown in read-only after save
  7. RNE014-2957    [Dev] Times component improvement
  8. RNE014-2969    [UX] Error messages are hidden behind the outline
  9. RNE014-2995    [Dev] Composite relation fails
  10. RNE014-2999    [Dev] TSI variant constraint should not be checked for IM timetable
  11. RNE014-3001    [Dev] Inconsistency warning missing for not all days covered
  12. RNE014-3002    [Dev] Saving train parameters for dossier with PaPs
  13. RNE014-3015    Fonts are not downloaded (errors in the console)
  14. RNE014-3017    [UX] Button and text alignment issues
  15. RNE014-3019    [Dev] Dossier-level parameters entry issues
  16. RNE014-3025    [Dev] Loco types view
  17. RNE014-3026    [Dev] Loco types - copy to next ttp and delete options
  18. RNE014-3027    [Dev] Loco types resolver and handlers
  19. RNE014-3030    [UX] Icons for alt. destination and origin
  20. RNE014-3031    Import latest export from prod to pcstest3
  21. RNE014-3032    [Dev] TSI variant field not shown when Inserting SubPath with PaP
  22. RNE014-3033    [Dev] Path variants not calculated correctly for alt. origin
  23. RNE014-3035    [Dev] Reset ALL dossier related stores on leaving dossier view
  24. RNE014-3038    [Dev] Dossier phase, type, and process are not rendered in NG
  25. RNE014-3040    [Dev] Send Tailor Made - clear catalogue flags
Story Major 12/08/2019
PCS EC Sprint 34


    Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-2955      [Dev] End of ttp period consistency issue            
  2. RNE014-2986      [Dev] Grid - Improve types and small code changes           
  3. RNE014-2987      [UX] Grid - Check the usages of the style attribute and use classes if possible        
  4. RNE014-2990      [Dev] Grid - Add default component for the columns        
  5. RNE014-2991      [Dev] Grid - Internationalization
  6. RNE014-3006      Test Carry Forward 
  7. RNE014-3034      [Dev] ACL check for each dossier version              
  8. RNE014-3039      [Dev] Failed to construct web socket in production         
  9. RNE014-3041      [Dev] Dashboard view - quick search component              
  10. RNE014-3042      [Dev] Dossier search and dossier search results model adaptations           
  11. RNE014-3048      [Dev] Dashboard search results reconstruction 
  12. RNE014-3049      [Dev] Advanced search - bulk use case    
  13. RNE014-3051      [Dev] Advanced search view - criteria      
  14. RNE014-3052      Publish imported catalog dossiers on test3     
  15. RNE014-3053      [Dev] Update path: agency type should be checked only for path being changed 
  16. RNE014-3054      Technical part of FTE offer           
Story Major 26/10/2019
PCS EC Sprint 35


    Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-2411      [Dev] Prev, next, back button     
  2. RNE014-2462      [Dev] Issues in Geography add/edit sub-path wizard        
  3. RNE014-2906      [Dev] Dossier migration to EC     
  4. RNE014-2994      [Dev] Empty path sections are not deleted automatically                
  5. RNE014-3000      [Dev] Dwell time validation does not take into account offsets    
  6. RNE014-3013      [Dev] Monthly calendar watermark          
  7. RNE014-3018      [Dev] Path Variants calendar link for path sections            
  8. RNE014-3020      [Dev] Outline is not refreshed when switching between Applicant and IM timetable           
  9. RNE014-3050      [Dev] Update backend dependencies      
  10. RNE014-3062      [Dev] Comparison of path variants with alt. origin/destination fails            
  11. RNE014-3072      [Dev] User variant wizard - navigation issues        
  12. RNE014-3073      [Dev] Switching calendar when creating User Variant       
  13. RNE014-3082      [Dev] Advanced search - carry forward use case  Story     
  14. RNE014-3083      [Dev] Overlapping days when dossier with PaP is created               
  15. RNE014-3085      [Dev] Dossier with PaP - planned speed is not copied       
  16. RNE014-3086      [Dev] Exception occurs on Compare path variant with C-OSS        
  17. RNE014-3087      [Dev] Change the main route to default route             
  18. RNE014-3088      [Dev] No history is loaded for the dossier              
  19. RNE014-3089      [UX] Menu items remain open   
  20. RNE014-3090      Install Java 12 and Tomcat 9 on PCS School environment 
  21. RNE014-3091      Import dump on pcsschool schema          
  22. RNE014-3093      [UX] Dashboard EC - sidebar        
  23. RNE014-3100      [Dev] RU cannot accept dossier in the Acceptance phase       
  24. RNE014-3103      [Dev] Not possible to edit IM timetable of Feasibility Study request            
Story Major 06/09/2019
PCS EC Sprint 36


    Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-2290      Hidden IM params - implement with ACL               
  2. RNE014-2575      [Dev] Label component - Dossier header               
  3. RNE014-2576      [Dev] Filter creation and editing 
  4. RNE014-2612      [UX] Advanced search view         
  5. RNE014-2613      [UX] Filter creation and editing (popover)            
  6. RNE014-2614      [UX] Dashboard search results component          
  7. RNE014-2742      [Dev] Possibility to edit the agencies of territories as leading RU  
  8. RNE014-2989      [Dev] Grid - Support for custom filters     
  9. RNE014-3043      [Dev] Dashboard column configuration - use from user settings   
  10. RNE014-3059      [Dev] Add territory wizard - TSI Variant is left empty        
  11. RNE014-3069      [Dev] GDPR acceptance for new users     
  12. RNE014-3071      [UX] GDPR acceptance for new users       
  13. RNE014-3075      [Dev] TSI identifiers generation  
  14. RNE014-3076      [Dev] EC UI production-ready      
  15. RNE014-3092      [Dev] Label component - Dashboard        
  16. RNE014-3105      [Dev] IM access in Harmonization phase 
  17. RNE014-3107      [Dev] Copy parameters for PaP path stations       
  18. RNE014-3137      [Dev] Create dossier returns status 262  
  19. RNE014-3138      [Dev] Cannot set an empty value on date picker       
Story Major 20/09/2019
PCS EC Sprint 10


        Jira No                Brief description

  1. RNE014-1817  - Validation for domain services without service validator
  2. RNE014-2092  - Dossier Container post processors architecture
  3. RNE014-2129 - [Dev] Service for checking calendar consistency
  4. RNE014-2132 - [UX] Dossier control view
  5. RNE014-2139 - [DEV] Adjust DossierBasicData presentation model and converters
  6. RNE014-2189 - [UX/Dev] Calendar overview
  7. RNE014-2190 - [Dev] Calendar uncovered (incoming) days warning in calendar edit view
  8. RNE014-2192 - [Dev] Calendar resolvers and converters
  9. RNE014-2219 - Unit tests for all components, effects and reducers that are used in sub-paths and calendar views
  10. RNE014-2222 - [UX] Refactor: create max-width mixin
  11. RNE014-2230 - [DEV] copy TSI variant from dossier to new sub-paths
  12. RNE014-2233 - [DEV] Geography - territory and calendar editing finalize
  13. RNE014-2239 - [UX] Links (w/o) grid
  14. RNE014-2241 - [UX] Attachments (w/o grid)
  15. RNE014-2243 - [UX] Composite relation (w/o editable form)
  16. RNE014-2246 - [DEV] Acceptance indicators architecture
  17. RNE014-2255 - [UX] Train params in geography read-only view
  18. RNE014-2260 - [UX] Comments
  19. RNE014-2270 - [DEV] New User Variants territory constraints
  20. RNE014-2272 - [UX] Sub-header component - dossier top navigation
  21. RNE014-2273  - Refactor Dossier Validation Handlers
  22. RNE014-2274  - [UX] Dossier draft selection - fix design issues
  23. RNE014-2298  - [UX] Component - no content found
  24. RNE014-2299  - [UX] Comments components (read-only + add comment)
  25. RNE014-2301  - [UX] Pop-over component (to add additional item to data-items)
Story Major 23/08/2018
PCS EC Sprint 11


       Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-1958  - [RE] Wireframe: How to involve new RU with PaP selection
  2. RNE014-2126  - [Dev] Dossier control view
  3. RNE014-2250 - [dev] Validation of sub-path creation (must have departure time, etc)
  4. RNE014-2258  - [DEV] Calendar lost after sub-path save
  5. RNE014-2271 - [Dev] Alternative origin/destination constraints in wizard
  6. RNE014-2291 - [Dev] Dossier creation calendar consistency warning
  7. RNE014-2292 - [Dev] Calendar editing consistency warning
  8. RNE014-2295 - Algorithm for switching sub-path running days
  9. RNE014-2300  - [UX] Pagination component
  10. RNE014-2303  - [UX] Search component (search for add link)
  11. RNE014-2311 - [Dev] Calendar tooltip, path section calendar
  12. RNE014-2326 - [Dev] Path variants algorithm implementation
  13. RNE014-2338 - [Dev] Train parameters edit from geography view
  14. RNE014-2427  - [UX] Component: number of weekdays calendar
  15. RNE014-2429  - [UX] Edit/Add User Variant move to next/prev territory
Story Major 24/09/2018
PCS EC Sprint 12


      Jira No                   Brief description

  1. RNE014-2123 - [Dev] Dossier basic data (read-only and edit mode)
  2. RNE014-2124 - [UX] Dossier basic data
  3. RNE014-2131 - [Dev] Implement geography, calendar, weekly calendar path variant views
  4. RNE014-2135 - [Dev] Downgrade because of calendar
  5. RNE014-2213 - [Dev] Sub-paths view (read-only mode) - offsets/times
  6. RNE014-2238 - [UX] Train Composition (w/o grid)
  7. RNE014-2309 - [Dev] Alternative origin/destination constraints in sub-path editing
  8. RNE014-2329 - [Dev] Selection component adaptation for path variants
  9. RNE014-2330 - [Dev] Calculation of path variant title based on sub-path titles
  10. RNE014-2332 - [Dev] Multiple C-OSS involved with pair instead of a triplet
  11. RNE014-2335 - [UX] Editing of parameters
  12. RNE014-2346 - [Dev] Downgrade because of changes on the border (time, dwell time, op. point, alt. origin/destination)
  13. RNE014-2347 - [Dev] Downgrade email notifications
  14. RNE014-2386 - [Dev] Drag and drop possibility
  15. RNE014-2389 - [Dev] Implement the same steps as in the normal wizard
  16. RNE014-2425 - [Dev] Path variants algorithm implementation finalize
  17. RNE014-2430 - [UX] Implement geography, calendar, weekly calendar path variant views
  18. RNE014-2438 - [UX] Multiple C-OSS involved with pair instead of a triplet
  19. RNE014-2452 - [DEV] Add User Variants territory constraints in dossier wizard
  20. RNE014-2455 - Integrate PaP Search from NG / PaP Import
  21. RNE014-2457 - [UX] Control view - acceptance indicators and info messages
Story Major 24/09/2018
PCS EC Sprint 13


       Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-2199 - [Dev] Remove the GraphQL loader.BugMajor
  2. RNE014-2269 - [Dev] Focus fields improvementsImprovementMinor
  3. RNE014-2358  - [Dev] CommentsStoryMajor
  4. RNE014-2387  - [Dev] Step for reordering of PaPsStoryMajor
  5. RNE014-2388  - [Dev] Calendar preferences stepStoryMajor
  6. RNE014-2392 - [Dev] Calendar availablity and sub-path split serviceStoryMajor
  7. RNE014-2406 - [Dev] Configure for ECStoryMajor
  8. RNE014-2407 - [Dev] ACL UI components and servicesStoryMajor
  9. RNE014-2409 - [Dev] Resolver for permissionsStoryMajor
  10. RNE014-2426 - [UX] Composite relations - dossier item component (readonly)StoryMajor
  11. RNE014-2428 - [UX] Composite relations - add/edit viewStoryMajor
  12. RNE014-2431 - [UX] Warnings calculations and preview of changesStoryMajor
  13. RNE014-2443 - [UX] Drag and drop possibilityStoryMajor
  14. RNE014-2449  - [UX] Modal component (confirmation / leave page, etc)StoryMajor
  15. RNE014-2456 - [Dev] Confirmation modals supportStoryMajor
  16. RNE014-2458 - [Dev] Pap Selection Wizard: Implement RU path stepStoryMajor
  17. RNE014-2459 - [Dev] Pap Selection Wizard: Implement Dossier Level Data path stepStoryMajor
  18. RNE014-2460 - [Dev] Pap Selection Wizard: Implement Train Parameters stepStoryMajor
  19. RNE014-2461 - [Dev] Pap Selection Wizard: Implement Basic data stepStoryMajor
  20. RNE014-2465 - Path variants preview in Dossier wizardStoryMajor
  21. RNE014-2467  - [Dev] Analyze how would it be better to work with forms and ngrxStoryMajor
  22. RNE014-2473  - [UX] Multiple C-OSS involved with pair instead of triplet - UX fixStoryMajor
  23. RNE014-2486  - [UX] Components for agencies and pairs (read only)StoryMajor
  24. RNE014-2490  - [UX] include css state classes to ngrx formsStoryMajor
Story Major 08/10/2018
PCS EC Sprint 14


      Jira No                Brief description

  1. RNE014-2336 - [Dev] Change of leading agency
  2. RNE014-2393 - [Dev] Sub-paths preview in case of unavailable days
  3. RNE014-2434 - [UX/DEV] Style the quick search & kendo grid
  4. RNE014-2444 - [UX] PaP selection UI components
  5. RNE014-2446 - [UX] Params set code
  6. RNE014-2466 - Path variants preview in timetable edit views
  7. RNE014-2470 - [Dev] Configure for EC - finalize
  8. RNE014-2471 - [Dev] ACL UI components and services - finalize
  9. RNE014-2472 - [Dev] Resolver for permissions - finalize
  10. RNE014-2488 - [UX] Inserting a PaP
  11. RNE014-2492  - Style the side menu
  12. RNE014-2493  - Path section fixes ( dwell time, path section layout ) + Menu icon for IM timetable
  13. RNE014-2494  - [Dev] Create partial From converters for basic data
Story Major 22/10/2018
PCS EC Sprint 15


     Jira No                 Brief description

  1. RNE014-2242 - [UX] Connections
  2. RNE014-2304 - [UX] Add link component
  3. RNE014-2333 - [Dev] Components for agencies and pairs (read-only)
  4. RNE014-2334 - [Dev] Change acceptance indicator for production and service agencies
  5. RNE014-2370 - [Dev] Links
  6. RNE014-2398 - [Dev] Path section flex constraints
  7. RNE014-2401 - [Dev] Dossier with paps: handle adding of a feeder, outflow, intermediate path section
  8. RNE014-2408 - [Dev] Implement ACL rules in existing views
  9. RNE014-2440 - [UX] UI view to display table with dossier archives
  10. RNE014-2448 - [UX] Dossier-labels component
  11. RNE014-2463 - [Dev] Update angular to version 7
  12. RNE014-2474 - Catalogue dossiers - Geography view
  13. RNE014-2477 - Catalogue dossiers - Calendar view
  14. RNE014-2487 - [Dev] Pap Selection Wizard - Create dossier
  15. RNE014-2496 - [UX/DEV] Style the PaP & Advanced search
  16. RNE014-2498 - [UX] Adaptation of basic data
  17. RNE014-2499 - [UX] Adaptation of geography
  18. RNE014-2507 - [Dev] Valdr on the frontend
  19. RNE014-2508 - [UX] Train information component
  20. RNE014-2512  - [Dev] Create a new wizard for inserting a PaP
  21. RNE014-2517  - [Dev] PaP selection for existing sub pap
  22. RNE014-2518  - [UX] Fix path section layout column order
Story Major 12/11/2018
PCS EC Sprint 16


     Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-2314 - [UX] Path-section in read-only UI improvements
  2. RNE014-2327 - [Dev] Editing sub-path starting from path variant
  3. RNE014-2435 - [UX] Edit train parameters step - checkbox with Indeterminate state
  4. RNE014-2437 - [UX] Read-only version of former manual offset view
  5. RNE014-2450 - [UX] Global error messages
  6. RNE014-2500 - [UX] Adaptation of calendar
  7. RNE014-2513 - [Dev] Implement Reorder PaPs step
  8. RNE014-2514 - [Dev] Implement RU Path step
  9. RNE014-2515 - [Dev] Implement train parameters step
  10. RNE014-2516 - [Dev] Implement calendar preferences step
  11. RNE014-2585 - [Dev] Editing of times and calendar - geography
  12. RNE014-2589 - [Dev] ACL follow-up
Story Major 26/11/2018
PCS EC Sprint 17


    Jira No                   Brief description

  1. RNE014-1959 - [RE] Wireframe: Visualize PaP Requests per Path Variant
  2. RNE014-2397 - [Dev] Dossier level flex constraints refactor
  3. RNE014-2399 - [Dev] Params set code handling
  4. RNE014-2412 - [Dev] Dossier info in header
  5. RNE014-2417 - [Dev] UX error messages
  6. RNE014-2489 - [Dev] Creating a user variant with PaP
  7. RNE014-2503 - Catalogue dossiers - Involved COSS agencies
  8. RNE014-2506 - [Dev] Inserting a PaP into a new sub-path - initial setup
  9. RNE014-2523 - [Dev] Train parameters - traction mode default values
  10. RNE014-2599 - [UX] Personal settings
  11. RNE014-2600 - [UX] User profile
  12. RNE014-2617 - [Dev] Creating a user variant with PaP - Implement user variant with paps step
  13. RNE014-2618 - [Dev] Creating a user variant with PaP - Adjust existing insert pap wizard
  14. RNE014-2619 - [Dev] Creating a user variant with PaP - Reorder step
  15. RNE014-2622 - [Dev] Inserting a PaP into a new sub-path - Path step
  16. RNE014-2625 - [Dev] Inserting a PaP into a new sub-path - Reorder step
Story Major 10/12/2018
PCS EC Sprint 18


     Jira No                 Brief description

  1. RNE014-2218 - [Dev] Edit train parameters step - checkbox with an intermediate state
  2. RNE014-2339 - [Dev] Copy Parameters from Template
  3. RNE014-2340 - [Dev] Save as a template
  4. RNE014-2404 - [Dev] Adding coordinating C-OSS to territory pair
  5. RNE014-2416 - [Dev] Integrate confirmation modals in all places
  6. RNE014-2418 - [Dev] Valdr for backend
  7. RNE014-2453 - [Dev] Observations
  8. RNE014-2511 - [Dev] Unify usages of Path section selection component
  9. RNE014-2597 - [UX] Copy Dossier
  10. RNE014-2620 - [Dev] Creating a user variant with PaP - Train parameters step
  11. RNE014-2621 - [Dev] Creating a user variant with PaP - Calendar step
  12. RNE014-2623 - [Dev] Inserting a PaP into a new sub-path - Train parameters step
  13. RNE014-2624 - [Dev] Inserting a PaP into a new sub-path - Calendar step
  14. RNE014-2634  - [UX] Fix dossier archives dropdown height
Story Major 24/12/2018
PCS EC Sprint 19


      Jira No                 Brief description​​​​​​​

  1. RNE014-2328 - [Dev] Warnings calculations and a preview of changes
  2. RNE014-2356 - [Dev] Replace IM with RU timetable
  3. RNE014-2372 - [Dev] UI view to display table with dossier archives
  4. RNE014-2415  - [Dev] Leave page handler
  5. RNE014-2439 - [UX] Compare view, layout and flipped path-section
  6. RNE014-2529 - [Dev] Adapt the model for EC
  7. RNE014-2633 - [UX] Train parameters styling issues
  8. RNE014-2635 - [Dev] Activity type code list update
  9. RNE014-2636 - [Dev] Push-Pull train field in common train params
  10. RNE014-2637 - [Dev] Multiple Train CC systems in traction entries
  11. RNE014-2639 - [Dev] Max Axle Weight minimum value
  12. RNE014-2643 - [UX] Compare view - timetable selection dropdown
  13. RNE014-2644 - [UX] Compare view - path section states
  14. RNE014-2646  - [Dev] Refactor confirmation modals with reason
  15. RNE014-2647  - [Dev] Copy Parameters from Template - finalize
Story Major 14/01/2019
PCS EC Sprint 20


      Jira No                Brief description

  1. RNE014-2555 - [Dev] Pap Request details view
  2. RNE014-2556 - [Dev] Pap Request Handling
  3. RNE014-2630 - [Dev] Loading of archived version
  4. RNE014-2642 - [UX] Path section in read-only: replace inputs with text fields to save space
  5. RNE014-2654 - Analyze architecture changes and improvements
  6. RNE014-2655 - Integrate schema draft version
  7. RNE014-2656 - Web services authentication
  8. RNE014-2657 - Web services test clean up
  9. RNE014-2660 - [Dev] Train composition - Cargo dossiers
  10. RNE014-2661 - [Dev] Pap Request details view - Implement header
  11. RNE014-2662 - [Dev] Pap Request details view - Pap request status legend
  12. RNE014-2663 - [Dev] Pap Request details - Show pap requests per user variant
  13. RNE014-2665 - [Dev] Pap Request details - pap request action selection
  14. RNE014-2670  - Fix train parameters copy destinations view
Story Major 28/01/2019
PCS EC Sprint 21


     Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-2559  - [Dev] Conflict resolution view - backend
  2. RNE014-2564 - [Dev] COSS acceptance indicators change
  3. RNE014-2604 - [UX] Pap Request details view
  4. RNE014-2616 - [Dev] Identifiers for entities that are not saved
  5. RNE014-2664 - [Dev] Pap Request details - Pap request status changes
  6. RNE014-2668 - [UX] Legend component
  7. RNE014-2676 - [Dev] Train composition (Cargo dossiers) - read-only mode
  8. RNE014-2677 - [Dev] Train composition (Cargo dossiers) - calendar on Train composition item
  9. RNE014-2678 - [Dev] Train composition (Cargo dossiers) - drag and drop of composition items
  10. RNE014-2680 - Reference data resolver refactoring
  11. RNE014-2682 - Dozer conversion consolidation
  12. RNE014-2687 - GetDossier operation check
  13. RNE014-2689 - [Dev] Sync dossier version in dossier context after dossier persistence
  14. RNE014-2690 - [Dev] Conflict resolution view - frontend - initial setup
  15. RNE014-2692 - [UX testing] Styling issues
  16. RNE014-2696 - [Dev] Bug fixing
Story Major 11/02/2019
The user address was not saved in the personal profile.

PCS NG version (prod, test 2, test 4, pcsschool, and taftsitest1)

Bug Minor 15/03/2018 2018031387000079
Calculate mandatory times flags when times are copied from RU to IM TT in FS

PCS NG version (prod, test 2, test 4, pcsschool, and taftsitest1)

Story Major 15/03/2018
Prevent NPE when validating agency parameters in case when RU agency in pair is changed.

PCS NG version (prod, test 2, test 4, pcsschool, and taftsitest1)

Bug Major 15/03/2018 2018030987000078
Restrict editing of loco type number, weight, length, cc systems and v-max for locos that are used in dossiers.

PCS NG version (prod, test 2, test 4, pcsschool, and taftsitest1)

Story Major 15/03/2018
TTP 2020 opened on production and school for IM parameters creation.

PCS NG version (prod and pcstest1, pcsschool, pcs-taftsitest1)

- Copy loco types to next timetable period corrected
- TTP 2020 IM params copy default values
- TTP 2020 auto promotion dates update

Story Major 05/11/2018