[Web Services] (SZDC) 302 due to wrong trasse im params

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 15 October, 2019 - 09:07

Now it is possible to enter IM params for an IM different from the one responsible for the operation point via UI or WS. We removed such parameters before (as per RNE014-1233) because at that time any IM could be selected and non-existing pair could have been created with potentially missing dossier level params. Since some time ago we restricted the selection to IM's on the border so a new pair cannot be produced. Consequently, we can now allow entry of the path section params in such cases.

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Hi Máté, Hi support
We discussed and solved issue with receiving an error 302 via integration platform. (Ticket#2019061187000084).
Unfortunately, I have this problem again.
Particularly, export to PCS giving an error 302 for following dossier in path elaboration phase: ID 199836, 204530, 204526.
Please, could you check, if there is again problem with carry forwarded not any more valid national IM parameters? Or maybe another issue?
Kind regards
Ing. Ondřej Kuběna

Planned for Patch Release
Wednesday, 26 June, 2019
Taken in Patch Release
Wednesday, 26 June, 2019