(SNCF) Web service errors in prod

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 15 October, 2019 - 09:07

PCS NG version (prod and all test systems)

SNCF Réseau tried to update their dossiers. The analysis showed two issues related to the connections and composite relations element. The others were issues among the dwell time and IM parameters.

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Dear Máté,
We tried to send 350 dossiers from our interface to PCS (in production), and we got different errors:

  • Error 273 for 255 dossiers,
  • Error 302 for 36 dossiers,
  • Error 222 for 16 dossiers,
  • Error 659 for 1 dossier.

You’ll find few examples of these errors attached.
Furthermore, you could find below the errors descriptions from soap:
    <Description><![CDATA[The request contains invalid RU entry for a defined IM parameter in the system. Please check whether the entries in the path sections of the RU timetables match with the response from one of the getImParametersForXYZ operations.]]></Description>
    <Description><![CDATA[The request contains national parameter id which can’t be resolved in the system. Please consult getDossier operation for a list of valid entries.]]></Description>
    <Description><![CDATA[The request represents an operation for which the user does not have a privilege. Some examples would be user trying to modify dossier segments (e.g. add comments, change leading agency…) when she has no sufficient access rights.]]></Description>
Currently these errors are blocking our production team to send back our dossiers to PCS.
Can you please give me a feedback about these errors?
Thank you.
Best regards,

NCA Comment

Error: 302
(15 cases) Composite relation
(9 cases) Connection
Composite relation or connection elements are not present in the request. At the moment PCS raises a 302 as it sees them as deleted. As an improvement we can avoid this check in case of IM agency but this needs a patch, meaning right now, please include these elements in the request.

(15 cases) International subsidiary timetable is removed

Error: 222
The value is not among valid values for the parameter
IM parameter with id=3459
<name>10.1 Catégories Statistiques toutes EFs</name>
<value>44S;LINEAS NV, train de fret international, VL <= 100 km/h</value>
There was a change to parameters requested by SNCF https://ts.railneteurope.info/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;Ticke...
However, this value has been missed. We are adding this parameter right now.

Error: 273
This parameters has been deleted in PCS but is sent in the requests:
<name>Nb Eléments Moteurs</name>

Error: 659
Incorrect dwell time in the RU timetable for Koeln Hbf. We will fix it right now. You should not get that later.


1. Values added to parameter '10.1 Catégories Statistiques toutes EFs':44H;LINEAS NV, HLP

44I;LINEAS NV, train de fret international, 100 <VL< 140 km/h
44S;LINEAS NV, train de fret international, VL <= 100 km/h
441;LINEAS NV, train de fret sillon corridor 1
442;LINEAS NV, train de fret sillon corridor 2

2. Dwell time for dossier 186433 is fixed.
3. On pcstest 1 parameter 3467 'Nb Eléments Moteurs' is deleted

Taken in Patch Release
Wednesday, 20 June, 2018