Pre-accepted offer

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 15 October, 2019 - 09:07
  • New Process Type Ad-hoc Pre-accepted Path Request should be added (Process type id: R)
  • When RU user creates a dossier with the PCS wizard he cannot change the process type, it is pre-selected according to the selected timetable period. If the process type Ad-hoc Path Request is resolved now there should be a possibility for the RU to change it to the new Ad-hoc process type
  • Add Configuration for the Workflow of the new Process Type Ad-hoc Pre-accepted Path Request
    • Acceptance phase should be milestone phase. This means that once Draft Offer is submitted by the leading IM the dossier will immediately transition to Active timetable phase.
    • For this process type there won't be a possibility to do partially harmonized offer (from RU or IM side).
  • New process type needs to be supported in PCS web services. This means changes in the content of the response for GetDossierPhases operation, but no schema changes are necessary.
  • For the existing Ad-hoc Path Request process - once Draft Offer is submitted by the leading IM the following actions will be possible for the leading RU from Draft Offer phase:
    • directly submit Active Timetable, the transition Post-processing will be skipped which is the behavior today
    • do Withdraw, an option that is not supported today, that will effectively bring the dossier back to Harmonization phase. The IM timetable will be lost and the last version of the dossier in Harmonization will be revived
    • do Return to Path Elaboration which will change the phase to Path Elaboration and give appropriate dossier permissions (read for RU's, write for IM's). The last dossier version in Path Elaboration will be revived. Pap requests status changes in some cases will be necessary from drafted to reserved, tailor-made will stay tailor-made. This is a new Withdraw-like transition that does not exist in PCS today and will have to be developed.
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Friday, 5 May, 2017