PCS IP progress status update error

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 15 October, 2019 - 09:07

PCS NG version (prod and all test systems)

The updateDossierRUIMPair requests of SNCF Réseau contained only their pairs. Because of this, PCS reconstructed the pairs after the update and with this the lights of the others were set again to blue and dossier level parameters were deleted.

The issue was fixed, the lights and the parameters were restored to the previous stage.

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RNE Comment

Check dossier 191040. With version 48 SNCF-R sent successful updateDossierRUIMPair request. They sent only their pair (mediation protocol 1066524):

  <ru_im_pair id="100950">

With this action they set their lights to green, but in the same time it seems that PCS reset all the others’ lights back to blue. This should not happen. Please investigate, if it’s a unique or a general issue. We must avoid such behaviour of the system.

Taken in Patch Release
Wednesday, 20 June, 2018