PCS EC Sprint 9

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 15 October, 2019 - 09:07


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  1. RNE014-1997 - [DEV/UX] icon font generator
  2. RNE014-2053 - Migrate app to Angular 6
  3. RNE014-2168 - [DEV] Select and use already existing draft (proper version)
  4. RNE014-2172 - [DEV] Train parameters step - loco idents
  5. RNE014-2198 - [DEV] Do not show the input fields in read-only mode
  6. RNE014-2200 - [DEV] Single-select should not be case sensitive
  7. RNE014-2214 - [DEV] TrainParameters conversion refactoring and copy service
  8. RNE014-2223 - [UX] Create tabs component
  9. RNE014-2224 - [DEV] Create tabs component
  10. RNE014-2226 - [UX/DEV] Fix the read-only state of inputs/selects in firefox (color + not selectable)
  11. RNE014-2227 - [DEV] Remove the tabs when creating new sub-path from geography view
  12. RNE014-2228 - [DEV] Select component show a complete list of properties
  13. RNE014-2229 - [DEV] Dossier wizard cancel buttons are not functional
  14. RNE014-2231 - [DEV] Dossier wizard - last continue should be renamed to Create a dossier
  15. RNE014-2232 - [DEV] Dossier wizard navigation - support multiple sub steps
  16. RNE014-2234 - [DEV] Dwell time validation for the number on UI, check backend validation
  17. RNE014-2235 - [DEV] Geography view show train parameters
  18. RNE014-2236 - [DEV] Rename ref. point to construction and make sure it is saved
  19. RNE014-2237 - [DEV] Sub-paths editing check all fields are saved properly
  20. RNE014-2240 - [UX] Dossier draft selection (w/o) grid
  21. RNE014-2245 - [DEV] Remove "fix" controllers and converters that are not used anymore
  22. RNE014-2247 - [DEV] Dossier Wizard implement the creation of User Variants
  23. RNE014-2248 - [DEV] Geography implement Create New User Variants
  24. RNE014-2249 - [UX] Select - limit the width of the list
  25. RNE014-2251 - [UX] Tabindex (and shift + tab for select component) in Firefox
  26. RNE014-2252 - [DEV] remove submit functionality from time input
  27. RNE014-2253 - [UX] Wizard look small adjustments
  28. RNE014-2254 - [UX] Path-section icon - train for RU and/or rail for IM for the construction point (change the bell)
  29. RNE014-2256 - [DEV] translate button titles
  30. RNE014-2257 - [DEV] backspace in times input in firefox
  31. RNE014-2259 - [DEV] Add IM agency in territory title with short names
  32. RNE014-2261  - [UX] Dossier header information
  33. RNE014-2262  - [UX] Add full text for read-only input fields in tooltip
Issue type
Taken in Patch Release
Monday, 6 August, 2018