PCS EC Sprint 37

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 15 October, 2019 - 09:07

 Jira No                  Brief description

RNE014-2378     [Dev] Copy Dossier 
RNE014-2574     [Dev] Advanced search query changes for COSS pairs 
RNE014-2743     Arrival time not editable 
RNE014-2926     Archive revisit usage of XML format Improvement 
RNE014-3045    [Dev] Dashboard view - custom filter for labels 
RNE014-3077    [Dev] Multiple-choice list is not working for newly created IM parameters 
RNE014-3096    [Dev] EC production-ready - security issues 
RNE014-3098    [Dev] Check auto capacity returning 
RNE014-3109    [Dev] Applicant path is lost in the PaP wizard 
RNE014-3110    [Dev] Pap request status change not possible 
RNE014-3113    [Dev] Hide buttons for features that are not implemented 
RNE014-3115    [UX] Grid styling issues 
RNE014-3117    Close dossier 
RNE014-3118    TSI variant ID presentation wrong in Path Variant view 
RNE014-3120    Wrong validity period of new sub-path 
RNE014-3122    Save button creates a new empty path section 
RNE014-3125    Wrong legend in PaP dossier calendar 
RNE014-3133    Support e-mail option 
RNE014-3134    PCS Documentation link 
RNE014-3135    [Dev] Show filter criteria in the Dashboard 
RNE014-3136    [Dev] Show selected labels in the Dashboard 
RNE014-3139    [UX] Show filter criteria in the Dashboard 
RNE014-3143    [UX] Styling issues Improvement 
RNE014-3145    [Dev] Filters share option 
RNE014-3147    [Dev] Error message is not shown when user login fails 
RNE014-3148    [Dev] User is unable to log in after logout from IM timetable view 
RNE014-3149    [UX] Share labels and filters 
RNE014-3150    [Dev] Filter name validation 
RNE014-3151    [Dev] Different bitfield size in prod 
RNE014-3152    [Dev] Partner's dossier level param open for editing in Harmonization 
RNE014-3155    [Dev] Change passwords 
RNE014-3156    [Dev] Train parameters blocking the Path Variants step 

Issue type
Taken in Patch Release
Friday, 4 October, 2019