PCS EC Sprint 33

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 15 October, 2019 - 09:07

    Jira No                  Brief description

  1. RNE014-2534    [Dev] IM parameters editing
  2. RNE014-2535    [Dev] Loco types search
  3. RNE014-2536    [Dev] Loco types create and edit
  4. RNE014-2592    [UX] Administration - IM Parameters
  5. RNE014-2923    Can't submit a partial offer
  6. RNE014-2946    [Dev] Feeder not shown in read-only after save
  7. RNE014-2957    [Dev] Times component improvement
  8. RNE014-2969    [UX] Error messages are hidden behind the outline
  9. RNE014-2995    [Dev] Composite relation fails
  10. RNE014-2999    [Dev] TSI variant constraint should not be checked for IM timetable
  11. RNE014-3001    [Dev] Inconsistency warning missing for not all days covered
  12. RNE014-3002    [Dev] Saving train parameters for dossier with PaPs
  13. RNE014-3015    Fonts are not downloaded (errors in the console)
  14. RNE014-3017    [UX] Button and text alignment issues
  15. RNE014-3019    [Dev] Dossier-level parameters entry issues
  16. RNE014-3025    [Dev] Loco types view
  17. RNE014-3026    [Dev] Loco types - copy to next ttp and delete options
  18. RNE014-3027    [Dev] Loco types resolver and handlers
  19. RNE014-3030    [UX] Icons for alt. destination and origin
  20. RNE014-3031    Import latest export from prod to pcstest3
  21. RNE014-3032    [Dev] TSI variant field not shown when Inserting SubPath with PaP
  22. RNE014-3033    [Dev] Path variants not calculated correctly for alt. origin
  23. RNE014-3035    [Dev] Reset ALL dossier related stores on leaving dossier view
  24. RNE014-3038    [Dev] Dossier phase, type, and process are not rendered in NG
  25. RNE014-3040    [Dev] Send Tailor Made - clear catalogue flags
Issue type
Taken in Patch Release
Monday, 12 August, 2019