PCS EC Sprint 30

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 15 October, 2019 - 09:07


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  1. RNE014-2313    [Dev] Parameter changes - placeholder
  2. RNE014-2317    [Dev] Weekly calendar mode in Geography
  3. RNE014-2413    [Dev] Dossier locking and the latest version
  4. RNE014-2524    [Dev] Manual and time zone offset calculation
  5. RNE014-2526    [Dev] Loader behavior change
  6. RNE014-2641    [Dev] Recipient agency ID in the notification service
  7. RNE014-2774    [Dev] Select leading IM in dossier level data in the create wizard
  8. RNE014-2840    [UX] Time Qualifier Code - new time fields
  9. RNE014-2888    [UX] Improve times component
  10. RNE014-2909    [UX] Parameter changes - condensed info view
  11. RNE014-2910    [Dev] Parameter changes - checkbox in Geography
  12. RNE014-2911    [Dev] Parameter changes - checkbox in PathVariants
  13. RNE014-2913    [UX] Composite Relations - view adaptations for EC
  14. RNE014-2920    [Dev] Composite Relations - frontend - composite relation read-only mode
  15. RNE014-2932    [UX] Weekly calendar mode in Geography
  16. RNE014-2933    [Dev] Weekly calendar mode in Path Variants
  17. RNE014-2934    [Dev] Entry of offsets improvements
  18. RNE014-2942    [Dev] Parameter changes improvements
  19. RNE014-2943    [Dev] Not possible to create dossier with two destinations
  20. RNE014-2944    [Dev] Path variants view is broken
  21. RNE014-2947    Error 501 for dossier creation
Issue type
Taken in Patch Release
Friday, 28 June, 2019