PaP Alternative offer timetable times validation

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 15 October, 2019 - 09:07

New error messages are introduced related to C-OSS TT editing.

The same logic and errors should be applied when selecting a Pap for Alternative offer.

  • If the calendar of the alternative catalogue is different than the calendar of the old catalogue then the times of feeder and outflow path sections should be removed
  • Otherwise, the cossTimetableTimesEditingWarningService is used to decide which times should be removed

Also, the calendar for the alternative should be calculated in the following way:
Leave the time as is, shift the time of the alternative path section one day earlier and one day later. Then calculate the difference between old path section arrival/departure time and those 3 times. Get the minimum difference and shift the calendar accordingly. If the minimum is calculated with the time one day earlier, then the calendar should be shifted one day earlier. If it is calculated with the time one day later, then the calendar should be shifted one day later. Otherwise, the calendar should be same as the old calendar.

When there is a change in the calendar or in the offset, some of the path section times should be removed because the calendar must not be changed. But in order for the times to be removed, the user must confirm the action. 
When ACTION_REQUIRED validation exception is thrown, show a modal dialogue to the user with the following message: "The times of path section <Op. point name> does not conform to the running days in adjoining path sections <F/O/IFO op. point name>. Should the times in the path section be cleared?". If he confirms the action then remove the times.
This should be implemented for Alternative Reservation and Coss timetable editing.

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Wednesday, 4 April, 2018
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Wednesday, 4 April, 2018