Introducing the Rolling planning process type and workflow

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 15 October, 2019 - 09:07

We can select Rolling Planning along with ADHOC and LPR process types in appropriate periods.

Selection starts from X-7.5 for dossier with PaP’s and from X-8 for classical dossiers.

Latest time for path request submission is 1 month before the train runs and earliest 4 months before.


New process type called "Rolling Planning" should be added to PCS.

User should be able to select this process type any time of the year for any timetable period that is available for dossier creation.


Open: phase for LRU as usual

Harmonization: phase for RUs as usual

Path Request (milestone such as for the Ad-hoc): time constraint for submission (see below)

Pre-booking (in case of PaP request): phase for RFCs as usual

Path Elaboration: phase for IMs as usual with the same access as today

Draft Offer (milestone such as for New Path Request):  no time constraint should be applied. The draft offer should be possible at any time.

Observations: phase for RUs with the same access as today in Observations, having there the make Observations function. LRU can close the dossier as today or release post-processing.

Post-processing: phase for IMs as usual. LIM can send Final Offer when all lights are green. LIM can close the dossier

Final Offer:  no time constraint should be applied. The final offer should be possible at any time. Phase for RUs having there the same functionality as in Final Offer phase today. RU can accept the dossier -> Active timetable or it can close the dossier -> Closed

Active timetable: LRU and LIM can close the dossier as today.

PaP request handling: PaPs should be reserved by PCS in a first come first served logic same as today with Late Path Request and Ad-Hoc path request.

Any kind of request (PaP or tailor-made) should be possible only in a limited period of time compared to the first running day:

  • Submission latest 30 days before the train run (same constraint as the PaP publication)
  • Submission earliest 4 months (120 days) before the train run

If the limits are not respected by the user, the send path request option should be disabled with a warning about the mistake.

Changes in the selection of process type

  • active ttp (ex. 2019) add Rolling planning along with the Adhoc types till X-1
  • next ttp (ex. 2020) Rolling planning is enabled for selection from X-8 till X-1
  • selection implemented for X-8 till X-2 LPR -> so far there was no selection as LPR was assumed
  • add to the adhoc selection x-2 till X-1
  • NPR period is still without any selection
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Monday, 6 May, 2019
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Monday, 6 May, 2019