Dwell time validation - take into account midnight crossing

Submitted by Anna Géczi on 15 October, 2019 - 09:07
  • During the migration of dwell time from string to number validation was not check (dwell time should be less than the difference between the departure and the arrival times) -> as a result of that there are dossiers with an invalid dwell time
  • fix affected path sections from RU/COSS TTs
  • fix dossiers that were not fixed by Mate
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Hello RNE,
We get rc = 659 for dossier 190567 (Path 434768) in production.  
Upload via IP.
What does rc = 659 mean ?
Best regards,

NCA Comment

This error code was introduced with the minor release, we have forgotten to mention it: 
INVALID_DWELL_TIME(659) (The value of dwell time of the path section is greater than the difference between the departure and the arrival times).

When dossier is prepared to be saved validation of the whole input of the timetable is performed. Through GUI is the same behaviour (user is not able to save dossier, because of existing of validation error).
During the migration of the dwell from String to Number validity wasn't check.

RNE Comment

Dear Mr. Strubbe,

We fixed the affected dossiers. There were two problems:

Wrong (inconsistent) dwell times that were not respecting the rule (should be equal or less as the arrival/departure difference)

Dwell time was correct, however, the midnight crossing was not taken into account. It was a bug that was fixed.

We fixed all affected dossiers either with the bug fix, or fixing directly the wrong values in the timetables. We decreased the dwell time values according to the given arrival/departure times.

If you have any additional questions regarding this issue, do not hesitate to contact us.
Please do not change the subject line in that case.

Kind regards,

PCS Interface Support Team

Planned for Patch Release
Wednesday, 9 May, 2018
Taken in Patch Release
Wednesday, 9 May, 2018