Possible Errors - Tips & Tricks

Negative border time issues: causes path variants and calendar view issues. It is always useful to check the outline where you have a geographical view of your route where showing the departure-arrival times on the borders. With a quick glance, it can be easily identified.

"Not all the days covered/Extra running days" error: we recommend checking the calendar tooltip on the Territories tab to identify missing/extra running days or go to the Territory calendar and use the compare option.Invalid location error: the path section name was entered by mistake into the "Details" field instead of the appropriate field where the system detects it properly. Please go to edit dossier mode and check where the location is wrongly entered and correct it.

Calendar validity error: do not apply the calendar validity period manually, use the calendar icon to enter the date properly.

Unable to edit dossier: the Applicant is unable to edit the dossier in the Harmonization phase because the agency was added as a Production-only agency and they have just the read-only rights in the entire dossier. Ask the leading Applicant to delete this entry from the Basic Data.

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