Working with Links


The "Links" function is available on the left navigation panel of any dossier. Once there the user can see if there are any dossiers linked or create a new link clicking "+ New link":

LInks access

The system will give a new popup screen where the user can use the quick search and look for Dossier ID, Dossier Name or International Train Number. 

Add link

As soon as we type PCS will offer the suggested dossiers based on our criteria. Please noticed that the search works with the criteria "contains". If for example we obtain more than one result, the user has the possibility of linking more than one dossier at once. Once at least one item is selected the "Link selected" button becomes available.

After clicking the "Link selected" a new screen with the selected dossier/s comes up:

Linked dossier

The user can add an optional comment to it. Please also noticed that the final "Link selected" button becomes available once at least one dossier is selected (using its checkmark).

Finally, once created, the links can be removed, selecting the ones not needed. A new button "x Remove" will come up:

Remove link

It is important to take in account that the links are establish in an unidirectional manner. If there is a need to establish a link in the other direction, the user must repeat the operation but this time from the already linked dossier.

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