Working with the Applicant/IM Timetable in the Geography view


The timetable section has two basic sheets – Geography and calendar. 

For the calendar view, please refer to its own chapter.

To get into the geography view:

Open Dossier  > Applicant (or IM) Timetable > Geography

Clicking on the edit button the user gets the access to the different fields of the dossier:

Timetable general overview in edition mode

Depending on the phase and the type of user, the system allows or not the edition of the fields. 

For example, for a dossier in Open phase, under the leading Applicant, it is possible to edit all the fields.


  • Show only my agency: clicking on the checkmark will reduce the operation points to the user's agency
  • Include earliest/latest times: will offer four additional fields (hidden by default) for each operation point. This is an optional field
  • Days in service: Optional free text. This field is informative and no further consequences will happen if the field contains or not any type of data
  • Arrival and Departure: The field is validated if it contains four numbers with or without a colon. Valid examples: "1045" "10:45"
  • Highlighted star: Icon to represent the reference point in the dossier. Clicking in another star in a different operation point will make it become the new reference point.
  • Plus symbol: In between the operation points there is a faded plus symbol. Mouse over this symbol will allow the user to add additional operation points to the dossier.
  • Train no. and Path no.: The user has the possibility of adding the Train and Path numbers to each operation point.
  • Applicant: User can change the Applicant responsible agency assigned to any section here.
  • x Remove: This link allows the user to remove an entire operation point from the dossier. 

Please refer to the document "Applicant/IM timetable" for further details about these fields and their usage for the Applicants and IMs. 

Comparing the Applicant/IM Timetable

Applicants and IMs can compare their timetables at any time in:

Open Dossier  > Applicant (or IM) Timetable > Geography > Compare Timetable

Clicking on the "Compare Timetable" the user is able to compare any timetable with any other timetable, not only Applicant-IM timetable but any other timetables that the Applicant or the IM can have. 

compare timetables

Aside to side timetable view will offer different options. 

The values or icons with different colors will denote the following:

  • Black: no change
  • Red: Element removed 
  • Green: Element added
  • Brown: Value changed

For example, if the IM creates an extra operation point it will appear in green in its timetable part. However, if the IM removes an operation point from the Applicant the point will be shown in red in the IM timetable.

Changes in the calendar dates, offset or time will be shown in brown. 

IM: Replacing Timetable values

IMs have an extra button called "Replace values":

IM: replacing TT

The IM has from there the possibility of replacing the timetable for the other. The IM can "Replace From Applicant to IM timetable" and then work from there on.

The IM user will have by default the option to "Confirm replacement" faded. At least the option to replace either "Times" and/or "Train Parameters" plus at least one operation point needs to be checked in order to be able to confirm the replacement.

If the Select all option is chosen, please notice that only the operation points pertaining to the IM are available for replacement. 

Applicants: Replacing Applicant with IM Timetable

Leading Applicant, after a feasibility study, and back into Harmonization, have the option to replace its Applicant timetable with the one provided by the IM: 

Replace RU TT with IM TT