Version Changes



PCS NG version (production)


  1. Train Id not visible for TAF/TSI in optional mode
  2. Web Services - restore missing DL params in IM requests
  3. Login screen additions: PCS web services version, new documentation links
  4. New notifications - process related
  5. Exception to the N day rule for PAP dossiers for Short term path requests
  6. Loco types view available to RFC's; moved coss dashboard navigation menu item
  7. Prevent changing responsible IM for a reference point
  8. Some fixes without PCS Maintenance issue
    1. When editing/creating a deadline the deadline name was saved translated instead of as translation key
    2. Added sql script for inserting GTC entries for TTP 2019
    3. Background promotions active periods update for TT 2019
    4. Web services sent by IM agencies - restore progress status in pairs for RU’s
    5. Clean previously loaded timetable data in pap selection and dossier creation wizard to avoid unnecessary question to propagate changes to subsidiaries
    6. Mandatory common train parameters configuration - boolean params should not be selected as mandatory
    7. Support typing in date fields; set agencyId instead of id when creating new AgencyData model in WS admin app
    8. Added tailor-made button in coss dashboard
    9. Fix for carry forward - regression bug due to refactoring