Version Changes - Minor Release 2017


(all systems excluding pcstest1 where is deployed with the loco types)


CRs selection

1. Mandatory Traction details – Default values

2. Edit calendar - reset year

3. Always show Dossier ID on PCS NG GUI

4. Improved usability when adding a location in a TT

5. Reset the RU acceptance indicator after finishing the Feasibility Study Process

6. Configurable default view when opening a dossier

7. Path number copied to subsidiary

8. Workflow button labels rename for Pap's

9. Dashboard column filter for TTP

Conflict Solving Tool

10. CST pattern library preparation

11. CST pap request search and presentation

12. CST Pap request conflict resolution view

13. CST Pap request handling changes - bulk update of multiple dossiers

14. CST presentation corrections

15. CST - Problem with pap distance calculation


16. PAMT Search

17. PAMT Export

Test group results - February

18. User can set a green light despite not accepting the GTC

19. Improve pdf export to show more locomotive details

20. Improve loco type selection field

21. Show message when search returns no loco type number

22. Feeder section trian traction defaults are not filled in

23. Traction details defaults are missing in the Fix PaP section

24. Not possible to download PAMT report with IE

25. Check and verify calculation of Network PaP K value

26. Correct warning message for speed constraints

27. When importing loco types, indicate on which line the error happened

28. Improve field validation when entering loco types

29. Improve navigation usability when editing train parameters

30. Improve usability when editing the calendar

31. Add confirmation prompt when attempting to delete loco type

32. Improve usability when adding dossier level parameters

33. Wrong label above observation type checkboxes


34. Timetable combinations - detailed main case

35. Responsible RU agency in IM timetable

36. Search for dossiers with observations

37. COSS Dashboard select all vs. select visible

38. Observations in dashboard without observation type

39. Correct pair resolving function to work with selected responsible IM for each path section

40. UpdateDossierRUIMPair based on responsible RU

41. Specify and implement deletion of report after 14 days

42. Ad-hoc request, automatic promotion to Acceptance phase not working for non-PCS members