Version Changes


2016-12-20 (all systems)


1. On SNCF-R request make "train max speed" non-mandatory for catalogs.

2. Dashboard ability to select all vs. select visible, defaut select all checkbox will select only the currently visible page,

3. Archive deserialization correction for catalogues.

4. Catalogues ACL corrections: options to remove path sections is available for both COSS and IM users, the reference point is set by the system and cannot be changed.;Ticket...

5. Change ACL rules for catalogues to prevent changing of responsible IM, becuase this is not then supported in RU timetable when the catalogue is selected in a dossier.

6. Earliest/latest calendars and offsets were calculated only when the calendar is changed but not when the dossier is created or upon time changes;Ticket...

7. Acceptance of general terms and conditions

8. Search for (specifically Czech) op. points does not work in IE 11.;Ticket...