Version Changes



PCS NG version (all systems)


1. SZDC Cannot reject partially harmonized dossier (get the correct dossier archive version in case of reject/withdraw of the dossier; put AdHoc partially harmonized request process in line with AdHoc partially harmonized offer).;Ticket...

2. Correction in couple of queries that still referred to deprecated path section agency id: pap manager, distance editor and alternative offer.

3. Rename and modify links in the upper right corner.

4. Avoid duplication of common train parameters.;Ticket...

5. Fix for pagination in comments.

6. Mail notifications should not be sent when a dossier is closed from open phase.;Ticket...

7. IM users should not see close dossiers that were in Open phase before closing.;Ticket...

8. Web services: Code 501 when using updateDossierRUIMPair (in case of new IM subsidiary created responsible RU wasn't resolved).;Ticket...

9. Radio buttons style correction in PA/PM.

10. Dossier withdraw problem (resolve responsible RU/IM if not set already - archive versions created before implementation).

11. Carry forward fails when unknown agency resolved as leading RU - during carry forward from IM TT Unknown agency is replaced with the agency of the user who performs carry forward.