Version Changes


2016-12-02 (all systems)

PCS patch release - version (all systems)

Admin app fixes

1. Admin users - order user filters
2. Admin users - take user agency type RU or IM when creating user filters.
3. Typo correction that was garbling the admin user and agencies page.
4. Single user filter should be read only.
5. Users should not be able to mark agency as unknown.
6. Add single user team member when the user has changed the agency.

CRs selection development

7. CRs selection: Always show Dossier ID on PCS NG GUI

8. CRs selection: Workflow button labels rename for Pap's

9. CRs selection: Path number copied to subsidiary

Maintenance/OTRS changes fixes

10. Copy dossier crashes when IM timetable is selected; reset responsible IM during copy from IM to RU TT (responsible IM should be the same as agency responsible for OP);Ticket...

11. Correction for older archive versions to not retrieve responsible RU/IM from db because the path section ids might not exist anymore - case of dossier withdraw.;Ticket...

12. Web Services: (Db-Netz) Error 501 createSingleDossier 
 * Responsible IM was not set during createDossier.
 * Responsible RU on path section was not set.;Ticket...