Version Changes


2017-01-13 (all systems)


1. Wrong labels in network pap search.

2. Possibility to change leading role (IM) in Path Consulting or Feasibility Study Elaboration phase.

3. Admin page - show whether the user is active or not.

4. After saving, dossier is still unread in Recent activity.;Ticket...

5. PaP id label is not shown for the path sections in dossier with paps.

6. Resolve responsible agencies regardless of the target state when performing withdraw transition.;Ticket...

7. Corrections in NRC recalculation to take into account remaining capacity for a PaP dossier that is used in dossiers where the catalog flags have been cleaned (Active timetable, PA/PM).;Ticket...

8. COSS Dashboard select all vs. select visible

9. Admin page - added validation and fixed some bugs.

10. Reset the RU acceptance indicator after finishing the Feasibility Study Process.

11. Set correct dossier status when Acceptance to Active Timetable Transition is made (in Adhoc and Late dossiers).

12. Train composition crash (in IE when user enters invalid OP save crash);Ticket...

13. Advanced search criteria not preserved between searches;Ticket...

14. Activity type "Reversing Stop" appears 4 times (see screenshot), (prod, db-f, 172006) - this is now validated also during copy dossier and carry forward.;Ticket...

For further details please check the PCS Maintenance Area.