Version Changes (Major release)


2016-11-02 (production)


=== Carry Forward ===

1. Carry forward - confirmation messages for invalid operation points

2. Carry Forward - train composition route fields

3. Train composition - search for operation point too slow (prevent server side searching when there is no search term)

4. Carry forward - from/to operation point matching

=== Loco types ===

5. Loco type national identifiers

6. Loco types - mandatory fields changes

7. Loco types import - error message hidden

8. Loco types edit mode style issues

=== Legacy list ===

9. User and agencies sorting

10. Pap search - timeframe unselect - remove focus and active background color that confuses the users on what is actually selected.

=== Other ===

11. Pap manager - performance issue + refactoring - extract calendars when calendar model is instantiated.

12. Alert messages - error message should stay on the screen until the user close it or navigate to other page. The success messages that are not belong to modal dialogs are not cleared. 

13. Observation object not marked as existing;Ticket...

14. Put milestone dates for TT 2018 in the DB (update dates for background promotions)

15. Coss Dashboard - fixed case when there is a partial tailor made case with one pap partial tailor made and the other reserved. In the search results the reserved pap request is shown in the COSS dashboard.

16. Various bootstrap related style issues

17. Pap search - train parameters criteria change.

18. The case of the dissapearing day 7 (Sun) between v.139 and 140 (Trafikverket)

19. Migration script changes - update type of engine

20. Agency parameters editing - check dependencies on update;Ticket...;Ticket...

21. Train composition - footnotes not fully visible

22. IM parameters multiple row editing issue

23. getDossierProcessPhases returns correct phases for PA/PM/Feasibility Study process types (bug fix);Ticket...

24. Warning message for missing im parameters was shown even though there are no missing params due to the fact that path sections shared the same params objects to keep mandatory and hidden flags; warning messages should be shown outside of the common params accordion

25. Catalogue import fails but no errors in console

26. NPE occurs on catalogue timetable save -  when new agency is involved in the dossier