Version Changes


2016-10-13 (production)


- Corridor C09 return capacity period changed from 60 to 30 days.

1. When RU user changes the responsible ru agency for the path section, changes are not propagated correctly to the subsidiaries managed by PCS.

2. Bug fix - Bulk promotion for catalogue dossiers was broken (fix: current pair id should be defined only for RU-IM pair based dossiers).

3. When PaP timetable archive page is reloaded the current version of the timetable is loaded.

4. N day rule applied in different way in different dossiers (prevent promotion to Path Request if dossier is using capacity that doesn't comply with N-days rule);Ticket...

5. PaP request status was not changed from DRAFTED to ALLOCATED for LPR when post processing is skipped;Ticket...

6. Reimplement delete dossier function (clean used catalog fields from paths); disable save button in edit participating agencies aria when dossier doesn't have at least one write rule for the actions that are available there.
[no ticket]

7. Observations (comments) from RUs not in Excel generated by PCS.;Ticket...

8. Web Services - Updating PaP dossier via PCS IP (dossier 146140);Ticket...

9. Once the flag for empty calendar is set it is not reset once the calendar is defined (only impacting catalogues).
[no ticket]

10. Empty calendar was not checked if the reference point belongs to a pair with non pcs member RU i.e. the dossier could be promoted to path request with empty calendar;Ticket...