Version Changes


2016-05-06 (all systems)


1. Proper resolving of operation point by reference id when multiple locations have the same reference id
Ticket#2016042887000614 — 501 error when invoking updateDossierRUIMPairRequest

2. Withdrawn dossiers not visible for IM/COSS (dossier teams for IM/COSS should not be deleted when withdraw/reject is made); set correct value of readable flags in dossier ru-im pair archive and dossier agency archive
Ticket#2016050387000703 — Problem with withdrawned dossiers - not visible for IM anymore

3. IM cannot edit IM TT in Postprocessing for Late and Adhoc dossiers (fully harmonized)

4. NPE when performing ACL checks in updateDossierRuImPair

5. Cannot set validity period to only one day

6. Save the filters in the grid in dashboard (usefull for filtering out closed dossiers)

7. (Advanced Dossier Search) Discrepancies in search results between Dossier Search and C-OSS Dashboard Search

8. Check Croatian translations for days/months in PDF export