Version 1.4 Changes


The following changes have been made compared to Version 1.2 (March 2007)

· Short Description of the new functions:

o  Renaming of Pathfinder phases according to the new RNE process

o  New Post-Processing and Final Offer phase before "Close“

o  New Ad Hoc phase replaces old Post-Processing

o  Introduction of a formal Feasibility Study process

o  Changed access rights (read-only, read-write etc.) to dossiers

o  OK  from  all  participants  (“all  green”)  needed  for  some  dossier  phase promotions

o  Possibility to add and delete agencies to dossiers

o  Means to re-order slots (timetable segments) in the IM timetable

o  Bulk setting of acceptance indicators (set many dossiers to “green” at once)

o  Display enhancements:

  •        Agency list
  •        Dossier type in inbox
  •        Deadlines in dossier history
  •        Through Coach timetable for IMs

· Introduction of a document called Pathfinder Guidelines which describes how to use Pathfinder in connections with International path allocation process. This document is updated every year by RailNetEurope according to the International Timetable Calendar.