Version 1.2 Changes


Changes and additions compared to Version 1.1.5

The following additions have been made compared to previous versions. (for Iteration 3.2, dated March 2004):

·      Description of new functions

·      In the search function, the folder name is given in the list of hits

·      The RU's requested timetable and the IM timetable are in different colours

·      Train composition can always be edited by the RU’s

·      Carry forward of Dossiers

·      Automatic addition of companies

·      Inclusion of companies which do not work with Pathfinder

·      PDF output with calendar

·      Creating periods in service

·      Deleting of unwanted/unneeded Dossier versions ("Dossier clean up")

·      Language support

·      Extensive revision of and additions to the description of adapters