Subsidiary concepts


The subsidiary path was installed as a new feature in PCS version 4.0. Since that release we distinguish between two concepts according to the structure and content of the main timetable and its relationship with the subsidiary timetable(s):

  • Detailed main timetable
  • Envelope main timetable

1. Detailed main timetable

When the leading Applicant creates the dossier, the main timetable is created containing every relevant station and times. Normally there is not a need for subsidiary paths. However due to construction works or train characteristics the user can include deviations to the dossier. These deviations can be solved with a new subsidiary path with its own calendar. Where the subsidiary path is not valid from geography or calendar aspect, the main timetable is valid and contains every necessary information regarding the train run. In case a subsidiary is valid for certain locations with a subsidiary calendar, on those days the valid information is stored in the subsidiary.

As usually in this case the deviation (subsidiary) is created with only a couple stations, in order to read the whole timetable and check the whole route, running days on a particular validity period the user should consider the mix of the main and subsidiary timetables.

2. Envelope main timetable

When leading Applicant creates the dossier the main timetable is created. It should contain:

  • origin point
  • borders
  • destination point
  • (reference point, if none of the above is selected as a reference point)
In this case, the main timetable and the reference calendar is actually an envelope for the later created subsidiaries. The subsidiary timetable(s) will contain the detailed timetable, containing every production related relevant operation point, time.
Ideally, the subsidiary timetables should be created on a national level (or on an Applicant - IM pair basis).

PCS makes automatic consistency checks if dossier conforms to the envelope main/subsidiary structure. It checks for:

  • Consistency of the subsidiary path
  • Consistency of the subsidiary calendar

Consistency of the subsidiary path

  • The origin and destination stations from the subsidiary path should be stations from the main path
  • New border points should not be defined in the subsidiary
  • The responsible agency for the stations reused from the main path should not be changed

Consistency of the subsidiary calendar

  • Subsidiary calendars should be a subset from the main calendar and they should be complementary, i.e. summing subsidiaries calendars on one station from the main timetable should result in the main calendar for that station
  • Details regarding calendar inconsistencies can be checked in the calendar view