Select PaPs


Read below the step by step procedure or watch the following video:

Add PaPs to an existing dossier in Harmonization

Create dossier with starting PaP selection

Once the user has found the needed PaPs through the PaP Search option (Look at the document "Search for Products" to see its usage), those PaPs can be used into a new dossier or being added to a current dossier. 

In the picture below we can see the election of one PaP:

  • Pre-constructed Products > PaP Search

Since the user came directly from the Search PaP area, the available option is: "Add selected to new dossier". 

Select PaP

Please notice that if no dossier is clicked (chosen) the "Add selected to new dossier" button remains faded and therefore cannot be clicked. Once at least one dossier is clicked the button becomes available. 

The user has the possibility of choosing more than one PaP at once. There is also the possibility of adding new PaPs later on as well.

As we pointed out at the beginning, the user can select PaPs coming from a existing dossier:

  • Open Dossier > Applicant TimeTable >  Add PaP

Add PaP to existing dossier

Please notice that the availability of the "Add PaP" button is dependent on the phase and on the user company type. 

In the next screen we can see that the "Add selected to new dossier" is not available. Since we are coming from an existing dossier, it is logic that the new  option now is "Add to Dossier":

Add pap

Once we have selected the PaP or PaPs we need, a new step by step screen shows up for the reordering of PaPs:

  1. Reorder PaPs
  2. Calendar Preferences
  3. Dossier-Level Data
  4. Train Parameters
  5. Basic Data (Only shown if we are creating new dossier from PaPs)

The below screenshot shows the first four steps since we are adding PaPs to an existing dossier.

PaP reordering

Also, in case we were selecting the PaPs to a new dossier, only the two PaP sections will be shown and not the dossier operation points.

By default, the PaPs are shown at the bottom of the screen. The red arrows in the picture show the posssibility to position the two PaP sections at will, at the beginning or at any point in between the existing dossier operation points.

Once we have ordered properly our PaPs we can confirm the order and go to the "Calendar Preferences" step:

Calendar for PaPs

In the above picture, all days are selected by default. They are the ones coming from the current dossier. In the case of a new dossier from PaPs, only the available dates from the PaPs will be shown. 

Clicking on the calendar icon of each section, the user can see the available dates for the PaPs section or the dossier. 
PCS issues a warning message "Some of the selected days are unavailable" in the case the days are not covered by the PaP. The user has the option of removing the unavailable days (The message will dissapear) or continue with the next step.

In this case, PCS will offer the user the possibility of creating subsidiaries automatically:

Subsidiaries message for non available days

Clicking on "Continue creating subsidiaries" will offer a preview of the main and the subsidiaries suggested by the system:

Dossier Preview

If the subsidiaries are accepted, PCS takes the user to the next step in the Wizard "Dossier-Level Data":

Dossier-level Data

This step and the "Train Parameters" one are similar to the ones in the Create New Dossier Wizard (CNDW). Please check that documentation for further details.

Finally, we said that if we are creating a new dossier, there is an extra step "Basic Data":

Basic Data

This step corresponds to the first step of the Create New Dossier Wizard (CNDW). Please refer to that document for further details.