RFC Capacity return



At X-7.5 the RFCs have the possibility to give back a defined amount of capacity from their offer to the IMs. In PCS there is a feature that should handle this procedure called "RFC capacity return search".

Where to find?

The RFC capacity return search is located under the Pre-constructed Products menu.

RFC capacity return search

How to use?

After selecting the RFC capacity return search, PCS will show the same search page as the PaP search has. Following search criteria are available:

  • Timetable period
  • Type of pre-constructed product (set as default to RFC)
  • Train type
  • Catalogue Path Number
  • PaP ID
  • Direction
  • RFC corridor (set as default to the used agency)
  • RFC Dossier type

User can add there more filters:

  • Dossier name
  • Network PaP Selection
  • Timeframe

Search criteria

Timeframe search

In the timeframe search the user can select those days that the system should return from the offer. Customization of the criteria can be done with two filters:

  • Weekdays (circulation days of the PaP)
  • From - To period

With them for example the user can define from which to which date he/she would like to return every day or only the Mondays.

In case the PaP is available on only one day, the user can select the check box called "Train operates only on one day" and then he/she can select the particular day.

Train operates only on one day

Logic of the search

The search returns every PaP that fits the defined requirement. For example, if the user searches for PaPs that are running 2 - 6, it will give back every PaP that has a calendar on the particular period with 2 - 6, or has only one circulation day, but that fits the criteria, for example a PaP that has a running day only on 3.

If a PaP is defined as 1 - 7, the search will give it back as a result of 2 - 6. However, the calendar will be adjusted to 2 - 6. Only those days would return to the IMs, 1 and 7 would stay in the hand of the RFC.


The timeframe is used to select days that should be returned. Weekdays are used to selected days of the week (1-7) and Dates (From/To) to define for which dates this should be taken into account. How this works, with the selection you are telling to the system those are the days that I want to be returned (matching is strict -> only PaPs for which selected days are available for returning will be shown). Automatic capacity returning is run every day (for the defined N-day rule). According to that for all PaPs capacity is returned till e.g. 17th December 2017. So if you want to manually return capacity you should do the following steps for each weekday i.e.:

  1. select 1 (Monday),
  2. as Date choose: From 17.12.2017 To 08.01.2018
  3. and so on for each weekday.

Mark for RFC capacity returning

From the result the user can select the PaPs that he/she would like to return to the IMs with the check boxes in the table. If at least one PaP is selected, the capacity return function will become enabled on the top or at the bottom of the screen.

Mark for RFC capacity return

After the user clicked on the returning button, PCS will ask for confirmation.

Warning and confirmation

When the return is done, PCS will confirm that the it has been finished successfully.

Result on the IMs' side

When the capacity is taken from the RFC and give back to the IM, it is done with Catalogue Paths on the IM's side. The capacity is removed from the calendar of the PaP and in the meantime a new Catalogue Path (CT) is created in Open (CT) phase on the IM's side with the returned calendar.

Catalouge Path on the IM's side