Under the reporting menu option are collected all kinds of reports available in PCS. Use can choose one from the possible reports and exports and use it outside of PCS. These exports are available in PDF or excel format depending on their types. Some exports are available for particular actors only because of their purpose (e.g. for C-OSS). There are at disposal PDF reports with particular selected dossiers, Dossier Organizer, Dossier Archiver, Dossier Register, Dossier Statistics, Border List Reports, PaP Kpis List Reports, C-OSS Dashboard List Reports. After such a report is triggered, the system notifies the user via email to download his report once when it is finished. Finished exported reports are then in the system at disposal for download.


Simple PDF Reports

These simple PDF reports could be done in an easy simple way by selecting particular dossiers in dashboard and export them. There could any arbitrary filter criteria used.


Archive Search and Statistics

This function is useful to get an overview of all user dossiers state related to the particular date. With this approach, user can easily find out, for example, which agencies that are involved in his dossier haven’t responded to a deadline.


Dossier Register Search

Dossier register search differs from the archive search in one criterion. Instead of the date in the past for dossier status query, the phase of the dossier as “register step” is used.


Border List Report

The Border List Report is used in order to receive an overview on the whole train path and a selected border region for detailed discussions. This list contains the path and important path parameters. It can be limited by numerous options and offers several sorting criteria. The filter options for the Border List Report correspond to the search parameters in the standard search. Contents and extent of the report can be steered via the output options. The desired train parameters on the list can be selected. The output sequence of the dossiers can be changed by selecting one of the sorting criteria.


Explanation for the reports in Excel


Dossier Organizer Exports/Dossier Archiver Exports/Dossier Register Exports

Once the report is created and finished, it can be opened like an Excel file. The Excel file with five worksheets containing some following information:

1. Search Parameters: There are stored selected search criteria for this report.

2. Path (or path study) Request: Dossier classification, Route sections, Circulation (1st stop), Parameters at 1st stop, Next stops/Requested, Connections  

3. Path (or path study) Offer: Dossier classification, Route sections, Circulation (1st stop), Parameters at 1st stop, Next stops/Requested, Conections

4. Applicant agreements, IM details, Comments, Observations to timetable draft: Dossier reference number, International train number, All Applicant names, All Applicant Production Lights, Service, Agencies, Production Agencies, All Production Lights, Applicant Agreements, IM details, Comments, Observation to a draft timetable

5. Train Composition: Dossier classification, Train composition details

6. Train Composition Cargo: Dossier classification, Train composition details


Dossier Statistics

These statistics contain numbers which show us how much dossiers are in a particular phase. The Excel file contains five four worksheets. First one contains stored selected search criteria for this report. The other four sheets contain statistics regarding particular phases and group of phases all agency dossiers from the different statistics view (particular sum and total summary). So there are sheets for the following views: Leading Applicants, Leading IMs, Involved Applicants, Involved IMs