PCS Integration Platform


Pathfinder Core is RNE-owned system for coordination of international train paths between railways undertakings and infrastructure managers.

RNE provided a new module of PCS, an integration platform (in further text “Integration Platform”) which will provide means for efficient communication and data exchange between PCS Core system and national systems owned by RUs and/or IMs.

In order to enable the new module, Integration Platform, the existing PCS Core system was extended with a set of defined web services, and Integration Platform is able to use them within the PCS process:

  • createDossier
  • getDossier
  • updateDossier (on the basis of RU-IM pair, the new name for this operation is updateDossierRUIMPair). New since v3.0: Additionally, there are update operations for dedicated timetable updates, in order to avoid full dossier payload transfer (updatePath, updatePathSection)
  • Authentication mechanism for the above operations
  • Helper operations for exposing PCS –specific information
  • Import/update of operation points (locations)
  • Extensions for the PCS Core system for configuration of national specific parameters of Infrastructure Managers

The application specific addressing service for notification of national systems is provided in the Integration Platform.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the PCS version 2.1.2, phase switching of the dossier, as well as setting of acceptance indicators (“traffic light functions”) is possible via Web Services (updateDossierRUIMPair), for the companies that need to use this function from their national systems.

1.1.  Implementation

The implementation is based on the process model of PCS Core system.

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