PaP Manager


PaP Manager is targeted to work with dossiers with PaPs on RFC and CTs. It can be found under Pre-constructed products menu. The user can filter already created PaPs and CTs according to the timetable period, train type and corridor. As a result of the filter, the created sections will appear. Each user can edit each particular section in his governance. Each section has an origin and destination point and there must be a defined direction of the section (North-South, South-North, East-West and West-East).

For each created section C-OSS users can create and edit dossiers with PaPs. IM users can create and edit CT dossiers. IMs can also edit RFC dossiers, but only their path sections and Flex PaP constraints (for Flex PaPs).

When new PaP is added to an origin-destination pair, the following values must be defined:

  • Calendar (running days when the PaP is offered)
  • Departure time at the origin (reference) point in case of a Fix PaP or Flex PaP with protected border
  • Arrival time at the destination point in case of a Fix PaP or Flex PaP with protected border
  • Dossier type (fix or flex)
  • Parameters, defined individually or the use of an existing parameter set code template
  • PaP ID: it serves for the combination of all PaP sections along a route. It has to be unique inside one origin-destination pair

If dossier type Flex Pap is chosen, Flex PaP constraints could be also defined on the PaP level (standard journey time, max number of stops, total stopping time). With a lock, points could be marked as a protected border (any point could be marked). It will limit the access of the Applicant and the C-OSS; further details can be found in PCS Constraints or the PaP documentation. 

Distance editor allows updating or inserting distance between operation points in each PaP in section. The total length of all selected PaPs is then used as one of the priority criteria by C-OSS.