PaP Management


Management of pre-arranged paths (PaPs) and catalogue paths (CTs) serves for C-OSS users on Rail Freight Corridors and IM users. It helps to prepare and manage the pre-constructed products in PCS  (C-OSS prepares PaPs and IM prepares its CTs). This management consists of two features – PaP Manager and Excel import. The creation of the PaPs or CTs is done always via Excel import and the PaP Manager is used only for finetuning of the imported products.

When PaPs or CTs are imported, they are in Path elaboration (PaP) or (CT) phase. It means they are not published for the applicants and they cannot see them. C-OSSs have read-write privileges for all their dossiers that they imported and can change acceptance indicators of involved IMs in PaPs on green (when created, yellow is automatically set up). Publication of the PaPs can be done one by one manually or using bulk editing for acceptance indicator update and dossier promotion. The system checks every night all PaPs and publishes automatically those where all lights are green. At once max two RFCs can have access to one PaP; the first is the one who imports the PaP (coordinator), the second who is named to be involved. Involved RFC can have read-only access on the PaP and further on those dossiers where this PaP was requested. The publication of the PaP and further dossier processing (requests) is done by the coordinator RFC.

By CTs, when all lights of involved IMs in the CT are green, then leading IM can publish the CTs manually or using the same bulk editing function as it was mentioned before. The system checks every night all CTs and publishes automatically those where all lights are green.

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