Labels: How to use them_old



Labels are an important part of PCS. They are a replacement for folders. Let's see why.

Until PCS version four, the user were able to classify their dossiers in their own folders. For example, the user can classified a dossier based on the Path manager in charge of that dossier. In our example The dossier could be classified under the Path manager John. We could also classified the dossier under Mike's folder.However there is no possibility to classify the dossier under both managers. We could also classified the dossier based on a border or a meeting. In none of those case the dossier can be classified in more than one way. This is problematic since the users need often to classify a dossier based in different characteristics. To avoid this situation, since version 5, labels take place. Labels allow the users to classify their dossiers in more than one category.

Let's see how labels work in the live system.

     Labels have been created to replace the old folder structure. Labels provide a more advanced functionality and give more freedom to the user. The old folder structure won't be lost. During the migration we will transfer all folders to labels, so you will find all your folders as a label in the system.
Labels can be found under the filter area on the left side of the dashboard.

Clicking on any label will get you a list of the dossiers that contain that label. It is also possible to click other labels as well. The selected labels will be highlighted with the dossier. Labels can be deselected as well.

Currently, if more than one label is selected the system offers the dossier that contains any of those labels in an inclusive manner.

Creating a new label is easy and fast. You just need to have a table with dossiers in your dashboard. The table can be the result of the recent activity or any other filter that you have chosen in the dashboard, or it can be the result list of the advanced search page.

In the first column of the table use the checkboxes to select at least one dossier that you want to mark with the new label. After you selected the first dossier three new buttons show up immediately over the table: mark as unread, label and export dossier.  Of course there is a possibility to select all dossiers at once from the list using the checkbox in the header of the table.
Once you have selected the dossier or dossiers you want to label, click on the label button and add its new label name in the text field. The system will save and add the new label to all the selected dossiers.

If you made a mistake or you want to remove a dossier from a label, you can just use the cross on the label and the system will remove it.

There is another way to create a label only for a single dossier. If you open a dossier and you are for example in basic data of the dossier, you can see the labels in the dossier header. There you have the possibility to add label on the same way as before. Click on the label and define a new label or select a formerly created one.

It is possible to share a label with your colleagues as well. Just select the label on the left side of the dashboard and at the top of the screen you will see the share option. Click on the share button. In the pop up window you can select those employees or teams that you would like to share the label with. Of course it is also possible to remove your colleagues from the sharing list.

When the label is not more useful to you, you can delete from the system. Just select the label on the left side of the dashboard and choose the delete option on the top of the screen. It will also be removed from all the dossiers that contain that label.

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