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Sharing labels is a three step process:

1. Select the label (only one)

2. Click on the "Share" button

3. Type the user names of your colleague

See visually here:

Sharing labels

The label can be shared with more than one person. 

Once the label is shared, it is showed like any other label in the dashboard and in the dossiers where it is applied. 

The label owner can at any time remove the sharing of the label or delete the label. His/her colleague or colleagues receiving the label can remove it from a dossier pressing in its "X". He/she can also add the shared label to other dossiers as well.

Any of the above actions is propagated automatically. So, for example, if user A shares a label with user B in 5 dossiers and B decides to remove the label in one of them, user A will see the label applied only to 4 dossiers after the user B action. Also if user B decides to add the label to two more dossiers, User A will see the label applied to 7 dossiers. 

Similar behavior occurs if user A decides to perform the same action or remove the label. User B will see the same results: Labels are always synchronized across the shared environment.

Use case examples

1st example

User A decides to create the label "To do by B" and shares it with user B. In this way, user B can see the dossiers he/she has to work on.

User B clicks on label "To do by B" and performs the different tasks on each dossier. User B removes the label from every dossier as soon as the job is done. User A can see what dossiers are left at any moment. 

2nd example

User A decides to share a label with more users but he wants to be sure that the label is kept. As stated above, as soon as the label is shared it can be removed by the shared partners at any moment. 

User A creates a second label for the same dossiers but this time he/she doesn't share it with other users. In this way user A can always compared the shared label results with the non shared label results.

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