Introduction to the Dashboard


New PCS EC Dashboard 


The Dashboard is the main page the user will encounter at first.
It gives access to the different menus, including filters, labels, the creation of new dossiers for Applicants, search tools, personal settings, and dossier results.

The top area is always available to the users no matter the screen they are in.
Clicking on the logo at any time takes you to the default dashboard view that you find at the beginning.

The main menu is divided in different options depending on the company type. The dashboard button contains the submenus "My Dashboard", "Reporting" and "Bulk Editing".

For the Railway Undertaking companies, the "Pre-constructed Products" allow them to search for PaPs.

The Infrastructure Managers will have two additional options: "PaP manager" and "Excel Importer".

Rail Freight Corridors will have the same options with the additional "Network PaP search".

The last main menu option is the "Administration" where the users can check the I M parameters and the Template Manager where they will be able to create Train Parameters Templates to use later on in their dossiers.

On the right upper corner, under the user name, there is the possibility of editing your profile and your personal settings.

In the personal settings the user can change its language, the default view for the dashboard or the number of entry rows per page, meaning, the amount of dossiers the user wants to see at once in the dashboard.

The Dashboard filters option allow the user to choose the ones he will like to see by default in the dashboard.
Filters can be seen in the left column in the dashboard. By default the system provides a list of them. The user will be able to add new filters, hide some of them or change its position.

Please refer to the video "Filters" to see this functionality in detail.

Below the filters we have the labels. Labels can be applied to any dossier at any time. They are a convenient way of managing and finding dossiers. Please look for the video "Labels" to see how they will replace the folder functionality and how to edit and use them.

Still in the left column, there is always the possibility for the companies to create a new dossier in a step by step manner.

Beside the new dossier the Menu button allow the user to hide or show the left column. This is ideal for the users that want to see more columns in the dossier table.

Search options are divided in quick and advance search. Please refer to the video "Search and Advanced Search" for further details.

Finally, the main central area is occupied with the dossier table based on the highlighted filter on the left.
This table is interactive in several manners.
The "Show only" button allows the user to choose the dossiers where he is leading or the neighboring agencies.
The button "columns" allows the user to choose the columns to show in the table.
It is possible to sort the columns and to use several filters on them.
As an additional option, the columns can be dragged and drop in different positions.
Any change performed in the table view will remain in place next time the user visits the view again.

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