How to use the Outline?



Since PCS Envelope Concept release (version 2.x) there is a new view in PCS, the so-called Outline. It's available always for the users in the timetable view (territories, calendar, path variants) and it's presented also in the different dossier creation wizards. The aim of this documentation is to introduce its particularities and abilities.

Information presented on the Outline

The Outline shows information from the dossier based on the entered timetable data. It shows for each territory the following information:

  • Origin and destination of the sub-path
  • The earliest arrival of the location in the timetables
  • The latest departure time of the location in the timetables

Different or alternative origin/destination

Please note that currently, PCS doesn't know the railway infrastructure network. However, it can assume sometimes, based on the entered timetable data. If a location is used in a timetable as an intermediate stop but in another timetable it's used an origin/destination, PCS will show this information in the Outline properly.

In this example, Békéscsaba is presented also in the sub-path Szob - Lőkösháza. That enables PCS to make the proper interpretation of the network.

It will be there for you whenever you need it


By default the Outline view is available for the users, however, if it bothers you, you can hide it by clicking the header line of the Outline.

Scroll up and down

Even if you are scrolling up and down in the timetable, the Outline will go with you all the time.

Help in the navigation

Not just that it's available always on the screen, but the Outline also shows, highlights, in which part of the timetable you are working currently. Regardless of it's a timetable or a calendar, the selected territory or sub-path is highlighted. Let's check this with a bit more complex outline.

You can see that we are in a sub-path of the green territory from Komarom to Lőkösháza.

Apart from the presentation, it can help you to even select the sub-path via the Outline. Just go to the Outline, click on the line and select the sub-path you need.

Path Variants

Everything above is valid also for the Path Variants, but there it has one additional option for you. As there we have whole routes and not only sub-paths in territories, the view looks also different.

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