How to make Observation


In the New Path Request process after the IMs sent the Draft Offer, the Applicants are invited to observe the offer. Instead of commenting (as it was done in former PCS versions), the Applicants should use "Make Observation" function. This function is placed under the Comments segment of the dossier.

In the comment segment, the Applicant will find the function above the regular comments.

The difference between a comment and making an observation is that comment is a free-text field, but using the observation function the Applicant can create a standardized remark to the dossier. This possibility is available for every involved Applicant in the dossier. When an Applicant clicks the button "Make Observation", a pop-up window will appear with the following parts:

  • Involved IMs
  • Select involved part
  • Select section
  • Select reason
  • Comment
  • Justified objection

In the first point, the Applicant can select which IM he/she would like to make the observation to. In the list, the Applicant will see all the IMs that are a member of the dossier. Multiple selections is possible. Please note that selecting at least one IM is mandatory.

After the Applicant selected the involved IM, it is possible to select an involved part of the dossier. The Applicant can indicate which part of the dossier he/she would like to make the observation. This is a single selection list, Applicant can choose only one part. Selection of involved part is optional from the system point of view.

When the part is selected, it is possible for the Applicant to narrow down the area of the involved part. The Applicant can select from which operation point to which operation point they would have a comment on the timetable. The selection of the operation point is optional from the system point of view.

During the development of this standardized observation making function, the PCS User Group agreed on some pre-defined reasons that are shown in a list. Selecting the reason is optional from the system point of view.

As the last action, the Applicant is still able to place a free-text comment as a part of the observation. Adding this comment is optional from the system point of view until the Applicant indicates with the check-box that with this observation he/she placed a justified objection. If the justified objection check-box is selected to true, the Applicant has to put a comment in order to be able to save the observation.

In order to finish the observation, the Applicant should save his/her work with the save button of the pop-up window. The result will be placed in the comments in the following way:

This standardized format is very useful later, because the IMs will receive them in special fields via their interfaces, so it is easier to handle them than the free-text fields and the PCS Support is also able to create reports from the observation to help the IMs and monitor the dossier processing.